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23 Sep

a vision by Carol Shugart

The Lord has asked me to write down this vision and send it to certain people who are involved intimately with worship or will be in the future.

More than a dozen years ago I had a vision that lasted 8 hours. Just as my head touched the pillow, I saw a worship service before me. It was not going well. The music was slow and mournful, and many of the people in the congregation were thinking about other things. Some were yawning. Some were sitting and balancing their checkbooks. The worship leaders began playing a joyful song that focused on the power of God. Many of the people who were sitting began shaking their heads with distaste. They thought the song was undignified. Others said it was disrespectful and sat down. I was undecided because I liked the song, but I didn’t want to displease God.

Suddenly a ribbon appeared in my hand. I realized that I had seen one used by a gymnast in the Olympics. Still, I couldn’t imagine what I was supposed to do with it. I had never seen one used in a church service. I waved it timidly and it took on a life of its own. It swirled above the people’s heads and demons began to manifest. Suddenly I realized that the other people in the congregation could not see the demons, but I saw them clearly…retreating, backing away, and running for their lives! Then I understood. The song was about the power of God, the name of Jesus, and the blood of Jesus. The demons were crying out in pain. The blood was burning them. But more important, the people were being set free from bondages and from religious spirits.

I was delighted. Not only were the demons leaving, but the people were coming alive with the fire of God. I began pursuing the demons, driving them out of the church, and as I did, I began to dance. This was NOT the sort of dance you might learn in a class. In my mind’s eye, I was seeing how I was supposed to turn and step before I ever moved. As the Holy Spirit showed me what to do, I did my best to imitate what I saw, and somehow the ribbon would touch a demon and cause it to leave. It was a holy, powerful time of walking in the Spirit and watching God move.

I watched this scene for some time and looked at the clock. Four hours had passed. I praised God joyfully for the glorious vision and rolled over to go to sleep. But, God was not finished. The vision continued. I found myself back in the worship service. Now many others were dancing and driving off demons. Many who had been bound by earthly habits were now more interested in walking in the Spirit. They were learning to obey His instructions and watch Him move in power. We were clapping rhythmically, but only when He told us to, with one mind and one accord. The demons were gone.

Suddenly, as quickly as it had begun, God told me to stop and kneel beside the rod that held the ribbon. I obeyed, and so did everyone else. The musicians had stopped playing because they were kneeling as well. Everyone was on their faces before God, listening intently to hear a word from Him. It was a reverential time. A holy hush surrounded us as we waited on God. Then, I could see the angels descending surrounded by the glory cloud of God. The cloud was just about to reach the tops of the chairs when some of the people began to feel very, very uncomfortable. They stood up abruptly and started clapping and praising God. They did this because His glory made them feel awkward, so they felt they had to do something to break the silence. I watched sadly as the angels ascended upward taking the glory cloud with them.

The worship leaders were crying with anguish, but one brave soul walked to the microphone and said that the next part of worship would be simply LISTENING. We all knelt again and just waited. It took longer this time, because we had to return to that intimate place of deep worship. Finally, the angels returned and the cloud surrounded us. People were being healed spontaneously where they knelt. Unbelievers were being saved. Others were freed from addictions. God was also giving instructions to each believer who asked. It was glorious!

Then I heard songs of the Lord erupt from different believers. Each song had a different melody, and the messages showed where the church would be going in the coming months. Sometimes the songs were connected, and sometimes they changed direction, but always they were led by God. Sometimes God spoke to individuals, but this came as tongues and interpretation. This is what I learned while listening to the songs of the Lord:

  1. I couldn’t dance unless the songs focused on the awesomeness of God. This was imperative, because otherwise the people would have their eyes on the dancer instead of on God.
  2. The songs had to be joyful before the people could move out in dancing. The dancing drove away a spirit of heaviness which robs people of the joy of the Lord. People had to let go of unforgiveness to move with God.
  3. Songs used for spiritual warfare often had clapping and strong rhythms. The demons fled from the clapping. It was as though God’s voice was in the clapping of the people.
  4. Prophetic dances came when the people were moving in spiritual warfare. Sometimes believers would stop singing and a prophecy would come forth. Everyone seemed to know when to sing, when to dance, when to kneel, and when to be silent. This came from unity in the Spirit.
  5. There could only be a song of the Lord during the silent times because each song had a different melody. They couldn’t come forth when the musicians were playing their instruments because the melodies would clash. For this reason, the songs of the Lord usually came forth after the congregation finished quietly waiting on God.
  6. Waiting on God sometimes changed to fervent intercession with cries for deliverance from sin. This was the time of repentance and prayer for the nation. I heard the sound of revival.

I recently heard a prophecy that God would wake up believers before dawn so they could pray in the Spirit before demons could move to destroy people. God woke me up the next morning and I began praying in tongues. I heard the sound of millions of believers snapping to attention, one after another after another without end. It was the same sound of revival resounding across the globe. God is moving to heal our land.

God bless you all, Carol Shugart