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Revival coming

31 Jul

Brother Samachen gave the following prophetic word to Larry and Chris Reichert in Sugarland on July 17, 2009. Brother Samchen had never seen Larry and Chris before and had no prior knowledge about where they live or what they do. He did not know that Larry is the pastor of Christ the King Church.

To Chris: In the name of Jesus, Holy Spirit is reminding you that a great missionary work is before you, a great ministry of miracles is before you. In your family and the place you live there is going to be a great revival. So pray for that particular place. Pray for Woodlands, and you are going to see the work of the Lord. A name which begins “Christ” is going to be revealed in your church, and that is going to turn to be “King” and that’s going to turn to a revival. In these days God is going to reveal his great plans.

The Lord is going to take your church to a second level and He is preparing the church for a new season. He is going to give enlargement and people are going to come from far away places and are going to get delivered at your place. Surrender yourself for a great revival. In the name of Jesus, I pray and anoint her. Lord, command your impartation. Bless her in the name of Jesus. Let it be so in the name of Jesus.

To Larry: I’m going to reveal a pastoral ministry with power in your life like an apostle. I’m going to send in your youth church a great revival. Surrender yourself for a greater work of the Lord.

Brother Samachen then asks Larry and Chris from what place they had come. After they told him Conroe/Willis area, he said:

God is going to send a mighty revival in that place. You should pray effectively and powerfully. In your church, worship is going to be revealed in a manner which can’t be stopped or contained. For that, let the people surrender themselves. The books which you write are going to cause revival. You’ll start worship services in different languages. And many branches will come out of your church. Five-fold ministry will be manifested in your church. Lots of pastors and prophets are going to rise up under your ministry.