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Encouraged to prophesy

24 Aug

a dream by Michelle Furstenfeld August 20, 2010

There was a bunch of women from church sitting in a small building. We were allĀ  just chatting amongst ourselves. The next thing I know, I look up and there is a group of about 9-12 women kneeling down on the floor, facing the front of the room.

Pastor Mike was standing there, and he said, “These women are going to be with us for quite some time.” He then began to pray over them, like a blessing. (It was never said, but I somehow knew that these women were prophetesses.)

Almost as soon as Pastor Mike began to pray, he stopped. He said, “You know what, how about you (the prophetic women) pray over us instead? Tell us whatever it is the Lord puts on your hearts, specifically for this church.

One of the women immediately began to speak. She grabbed her Bible and held it up, and said, “The Lord wants you to know that it is almost impossible to step out of relationship wiuth Him when you are calling upon HIM. You have been crying out for help, and His Word says to call upon Him for help. When you do this you are walking in the will of God and you are in sync with Him.”

I got the sense that she was speaking this word to encourage us. We all seemed discouraged and very down on ourselves. The word was to comfort us, and God was saying He was with us.

While she was giving us the word, there was a woman at the end who had gotten up on her knees and was trying to speak at the same time as the other woman. It was almost like she was trying to translate for her, but the woman was speaking English. We were really trying to hear what the word was, but this other woman kept blurting things out, which brought confusion to the word being given.The woman giving the word was very focused and determined; she did not seem to be distracted by this other woman at all.

When she was done, a lot of us seemed very encouraged, but some were still very sad. There was a woman there from our church, and she just began to cry. She said, “I just can’t get past my sin.” (As if she didn’t feel forgiven, like her sins were too great for God.)

At first I thought Pastor Mike was going to tell her something like, “Now is not the time for that, let’s embrace the word just given.” Instead, he looked at the prophetess and said, “OK, now you tell her whatever it is the Lord is putting on your heart at this moment for her.”

The next thing I know I am kneeling on the floor too, next to the woman who gave the word. When I looked at the lady, struggling with accepting the Lord’s forgiveness, I am grieved. All I can do its weep. I was overwhelmed with her pain and the Lord’s love and compassion for her.

When Pastor Mike asked the woman to give this other woman a word, she turned to me and said, “You do it.” I began to weep evern more, and she looked at me and said again, “You do it.” (I had this feeling like she could see a prophetic gift inside of me, and with no words, exclaiming to me that she is no higher than I, that I could speak over the woman just as much as she could. She was pushing me into the gift God had already placed within me.)

I looked at the woman, with tears in my eyes, ready to tell her how much the Lord loved her and desired to see her set free, but every time I began to talk, that same woman from earlier began to speak too. What she was telling her had nothing to do with what I knew the Lord was putting on my heart. The woman that had given the first word stood right next to me, encouraging me to push through and continue to speak, regardless of the other woman speaking.

On both occasions, when the woman brought distraction, she was ignored. I kept wondering to myself when someone was going to say something to get her quiet, but no one ever did. She did not seem evil. She was an older lady, looked very sweet. She just had no direction, no sense of order, and not in tune with the Holy Spirit. I found it neat that the emphasis was never placed on the distractions, but rather on God’s word set to go forth.