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A great stirring in the heart of God for this city

28 Sep

A dream by Richy Clark on September 4, 2007

Last night I had a dream, where a small group of people were with Jeremy and I praying in a portable building. We were laying prostrate on the ground. The prayer felt very dry as if nothing was happening. Then Dutch Sheets swung opened the door. He was under the power fo God and had difficulty standing up. He had been crying very hard, and was blown away by what he felt when he layed on the floor in this city. I knew in the dream that he had been traveling from city to city. He said, “There is a great stirring in the heart of God for this city… something in the ground.” Jeremy and I were encouraged because our prayer had felt so dry. Jeremy joined Dutch as an intern, and they were going out to pray.


The city refers to where Richy was living at the time, Montgomery County, Texas. Jeremy is a reminder of the prophet Jeremiah, known for his weeping over the sins of Israel. Dutch Sheets is known as a prophetic intercessor, especially contending for issues related to governmental justice. God has a special purpose for Montgomery County. It is “in the soil”, meaning that it was planned out long ago. He will draw into the area those who are willing to cooperate with His intended purpose. Intercessors should cry out to God with weeping until He establishes His purpose in the county.


Vision of the black sheet

19 Oct

The following experience is related by Mike McClung, Director of the IHOP-Knoxville.

I was awakened on October 9, 2009 at 2:16 AM. When I awoke, I was horrified to find there was no trace of God’s presence to be sensed anywhere. It was a horrible and frightful feeling, one that I had only had one other time in my life, 26 years ago. 26 years ago I had an experience where I was taken to hell. The darkness that I encountered in that place was like a literal substance that was so thick that I could feel it touching me. In that previous experience, I heard the screams and cries of those who had been assigned to that God-forsaken place because of their rejection of God’s provision of salvation through His Son. There was no trace of God’s presence in that place. This current experience did not have that same substantive darkness or cries of those in torment, but it did have the same feeling of the abject absence of God’s presence.

In this later experience, I was completely alone. Desperation swept over me and I began to cry out to the Lord…but, again, silence. I began to plead with the Lord to tell me what I had done, or let me know what was happening. Silence. There was a vast void of stark emptiness and…silence. About an hour into this experience, continuing to pray and cry out to the Lord, I had an open vision. In this vision, I saw what appeared to be a black blanket or sheet float down and settle over the nation. The desperation I felt escalated again! I knew that once this darkness settled, there was no hope of escape. I prayed a little longer with no change, so I finally got showered and went to the IHOP-Knoxville to pray and seek the Lord.

I kept praying in tongues and in English for the next two hours, and around 6AM, the Lord began to finally speak to me about what was happening. More understanding came as the day unfolded. In as much as I can remember, I will relate what the Lord began to reveal in chronological order.

The time, 2:16 AM was a scriptural address, as it usually is when things like this happen to me. It was Isaiah 21:6, which says, ‘For thus has the Lord said to me: Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees.’ I knew this meant that I was supposed send this as a call to the body of Christ to stand as an intercessory watchman to whoever would answer. The scripture the Lord gave me to help explain the vision was Isaiah 60. Isaiah 60:1-3 says, Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the LORD will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.

The Lord said that Isaiah 60 was being put into motion all over our nation. His judgment had come in the form of removing His restraining grace from our nation and allowing darkness to invade, and that darkness would invade every section and sphere. There was no way out of this. At the beginning, this looked and felt hopeless until the Lord began declaring to me His purposes in allowing this to happen. According to the scripture, the end purpose of this is to see a massive harvest come forth.

The Lord warned me not to pray to get out of this, because He would not hear prayers to “escape.” He said the purpose in this happening was to move the bride of Christ forward in His process to bring the glory of the Lord out of the corporate body. The first part of Isaiah 60 is what should be focused on – the glory rising – and we should remove all distractions and hindrances from focusing on seeing His glory arise. “Christ IN you, the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27) is the only hope our nation now has. Only the people of God who will align themselves with His presence and purposes will have the tools, strategy and weapons to overcome the darkness now settling on our nation. The glory of the Lord is arising in His remnant church! This is a very sober time to get our lives free of everything that defiles of flesh and spirit (2 Cor. 7:1), to be effective against the darkness that’s now coming. There will be those who “know their God, become strong (obtain power), and do exploits (take action)” as it states in Daniel 11:32b.

The Lord spoke the same thing to me that I heard our good friend Paul Keith Davis related in a spiritual experience he had some time back. The Lord said, “Someone better get authority with Me quickly!” When I heard that, the fear of the Lord overwhelmed me and I could hardly do anything else the rest of the day except cry out for God to judge my heart and life to reveal anything hindering Him operating through me and His people.

Although this might sound hopeless, it is not. The Lord can do in one day what we might think would take 1000 years! If we cooperate with Him, we can and will become the place of refuge, light, power and provision the Lord has destined His bride to be. The Lord began to reveal some specific prayer and practical strategies that will be necessary as this darkness encroaches into all areas of our society. These strategies are enumerated here:

* Prayer itself must undergo and change. We can no longer just cry out for God to have mercy on our nation. We must cry out for God’s original purposes for this nation to be returned to and fulfilled. When Moses interceded with God on behalf of Israel, it was God’s reputation and purposes, along with His love, that Moses stood in the gap and declared. Just asking God to have mercy is no longer good enough, because we now have a society in which the majority loves sin more that they love God, which also, sadly, includes much of the church. It was the declaration of remembering God’s reputation and God’s original purposes that turned the wrath of the Lord away through Moses’ intercession.

* Instead of only praying directly for our leaders, many of whom are being led solely by unrighteous motives and/or unrighteous counsel, we need to pray for those vessels God has prepared for this day and hour to be set in specific places of authority, favor and influence. Neither Daniel nor Joseph were the “head guy.” This was not God’s will. But they were in a position to speak with supernatural insight, wisdom and grace into the lives of those who were in positions of authority. We need to pray for God to turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness (2Sam. 15:31). This means we need to be praying for God to make the counsel of those in places of authority worthless, and for God to replace them with those who will speak God’s counsel. The Lord will back this up with supernatural signs and wonders as He did in the past!

* Pray for a sweeping reformation to come to the body of Christ in this nation. We must have revival and reformation. The glory must come, but there must also be scriptural training come to the body of Christ. The “meeting mentality” must die. We must go from just inspirational, encouragement meetings to have a mind of training to “stand in the day of battle” (Ezek. 13:5). This will mean a fundamental change in the way people, especially leaders, perceive “church.” The kingdom must be the focus and not just having good meetings to entertain the crowds and keep their tithes!

* A fundamental change must come in eschatological frameworks. We must go from and escape mentality to an occupy mentality. We must begin to train and equip the saints to overcome and invade the culture and occupy until He comes. Most people are caught up with the question of “when” as it relates to the end times, but that’s not the correct question. “When” is not for us, as the Lord said Himself. It is the WHY that we need to be concerned with, because until the specific scriptural conditions are met, He will not return! He deserves a bride without spot or wrinkle, not one who’s weak, defeated, given to sin and idolatry. When the bride “makes herself ready,” then we can look for Him to soon return.

* We need to be praying and seeking the Lord for supernatural power, strategy and grace to deal with disasters and demonic attacks that are coming. Just like Joseph, He will give us strategies to not only provide for ourselves and our families, but to have answers that will turn entire nations to seek the Lord from Mt. Zion (Isaiah 2, Isaiah 4, etc.). I believe this will include trusting the Lord for supernatural provision, but I also believe, being a Boy Scout in my earlier years, that we need to “Be Prepared” practically. I am already praying for the Lord to bring financial provision to do such things as convert much of the electrical power in our home and ministry facilities with solar and other innovative sources.

* We must seek the Lord to be given understanding of “angelic protocol.” This means we will learn what it means to co-labor with the Lord of hosts, the God of armies. The angelic realm moves on commission of His word (Psalm 103:20-21). This means that the forces of God are marshaled where the two companies (the Mahanaim – see Gen. 32:1-2 and Song 6:13), the company of God’s angelic forces and the company of God’s human army, are working together under His lordship. This is what we see in 2 Kings 6 where Elisha prays for his servant’s eyes to be opened to see the angelic army surrounding them, waiting to fight on their behalf, as they move in obedience to the Lord’s direction. Greater engagement of the spiritual realm is coming to where we will not only see what the Lord is doing, but the Lord will also allow us to see what the enemy is plotting in order to cut the plans off with God’s strategy. This will truly be one small part of a living testimony of His glory to the nations.

* The Lord will begin to convene counsels over cities and regions that He will work with to reveal and release strategic initiatives that will shake demonic structures, but which will also build and plant the kingdom of God. Some of these are already operating and will begin to have spiritual downloads and angelic interchange that will cause breakthrough in existing structures, turning them to righteous purposes putting His glory on display.

This will be the best of times and the worst of times. This will be our finest hour as the saints of God are positioned to release kingdom power and authority that will rise in us and in our midst like a shining light that will beckon to the nations. This will come to those who seek the Lord with all their heart (Jer. 29:13) – those who have an intimate, uncompromising relationship with the Lord and are unwavering in the carrying out of His purposes.

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