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A great stirring in the heart of God for this city

28 Sep

A dream by Richy Clark on September 4, 2007

Last night I had a dream, where a small group of people were with Jeremy and I praying in a portable building. We were laying prostrate on the ground. The prayer felt very dry as if nothing was happening. Then Dutch Sheets swung opened the door. He was under the power fo God and had difficulty standing up. He had been crying very hard, and was blown away by what he felt when he layed on the floor in this city. I knew in the dream that he had been traveling from city to city. He said, “There is a great stirring in the heart of God for this city… something in the ground.” Jeremy and I were encouraged because our prayer had felt so dry. Jeremy joined Dutch as an intern, and they were going out to pray.


The city refers to where Richy was living at the time, Montgomery County, Texas. Jeremy is a reminder of the prophet Jeremiah, known for his weeping over the sins of Israel. Dutch Sheets is known as a prophetic intercessor, especially contending for issues related to governmental justice. God has a special purpose for Montgomery County. It is “in the soil”, meaning that it was planned out long ago. He will draw into the area those who are willing to cooperate with His intended purpose. Intercessors should cry out to God with weeping until He establishes His purpose in the county.


Workers needed

25 Aug

a dream by Leslie Isbell on April 23, 2010

A messenger came to our church with a call for emergency assistance. (I think the appeal went to all churches in the area.) A catastrophe had occurred and the hospitals couldn’t accommodate all the wounded. Only three from our church answered the call. I was surprised, but thought maybe our numbers had diminished or others had other areas of service God had laid on their hearts or the call was too last-minute to respond.

The airport was cleared out (looked more like an empty arena with no chairs) and doctors and support staffs were setting up gurneys and mobile equipment to accommodate the incoming. There was lots of open space with gurney operating tables all around the borders. There was some medical personnel around most of the tables, but many more were needed. I knew they were frantically preparing for the imminent arrival of the incoming wounded. Not many volunteers, I had the déjà vu sensation of the Reinhard Bonnke film where rescuers didn’t see the need to man the lifeboats.

No direction was given to the volunteers at the airport, so I was moving around the room to see where I may be needed and how to best prepare. I saw other volunteers standing around in little groups, waiting to be told what to do.

Some thoughts that crossed my mind:

• I knew very little about operating tools or procedures, and wondered if I would be more of a hindrance than actual assistance.
• I wished I had watched more hospital, war, or forensic shows so I would be more inured to the carnage I knew I would be facing. I was psyching myself and praying that I could look upon the mangled and truncated bodies with courage and grace and not get sick.
• I thought if nothing else, maybe I could be a useful go-fer or be able to pray with those and trust God to provide comfort and distraction them from their pain. (I didn’t think they had any anesthesia to give them during their operations.)

At the end, I was still uncertain how I would be able to handle the task, when several people called, “Here they come!” and we all looked toward the doors.

Then I woke up about 4:30. I was shaken and thought I would be spending the next couple of hours in prayer, but eventually I fell back asleep and dreamed the whole thing a second time.

An Army of Fire

7 Aug

For the past two and a half months, Jonathan Sanderson has been having the following recurring dream once, and sometimes twice, a week:

I am standing at the front of the congregation as I do with Mike and Sandra on a typical Sunday morning. We are worshiping our Father, and I look around to each and every person in the sanctuary. I can see into their chests, only to see their hearts set ablaze in various states of flame. Some are these great flames are flickering and snapping at their hearts, and others are mere ambers or coals. But to my relief they all have some activity.

We continue to worship and praise our Father in amazing fashion. As we are singing with all our might, we consecutively hear a loud explosion of sorts, or more like a commotion, coming from the parking lot. The music stops… time stands still, it seems, as we all look about. People begin rushing to the glass doors. As we look out to the parking lot there are no longer any vehicles, but instead, before us stand a battalion of flaming pillars of men. They all stand erect and in formation like an army of fire.

Just as we are all taking this sight in, we hear from around the room the screams and agony of some who fall to the ground and writhe in pain on the floors as the once present flame in their hearts is extinguished and they die, turning to no more than saggy canvas on broken frames. Some turn to ash as the fire within burns out and disappears. 

A third of the congregation suffers this fate, while some of the others have a much different result. Instead of the fire within them flickering out or wasting away, the fire rises up and overflows from their hearts. As they are consumed in fire, they resemble those who await us outside.

Although I see that they are not in pain, the sight of the fire amazes and startles me. I feel a fear of burning. As I watch this unfold, I come to realize that I too am being swallowed in flame.

(For weeks I would awake in a cold sweat and full of fear. It was only after the first day of the End Times class that I was able to accept this. Since this understanding has taken place I have completed the dream and have come to see that the flame does not hurt at all but provides more strength than I know how to put into words. It calms and yet gives purpose.)

Now a towering figure of fire, I open the doors with the others and take my place within the moving mass of flames. We set out for another destination I know not of.

Mike’s interpretation:

John the Baptist said there would come One after him who would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and with fire (Matt 3:11). In the Bible, fire speaks of purification (Isaiah 6:6-7), judgment (Malachi 4:1), holiness (Ex. 3:2), intense love (Song 8:6), and zeal for God (John 5:35).

For many years we and many others have been praying that the Holy Spirit would fill us with the fire of His holiness, burning away the dross of a divided heart and forging within us hearts of undistracted devotion.

This dream illustrates what it might look like when God visits a church with revival fire. Those who have not taken the time to prepare themselves will not be able to endure Him coming in this way (Joel 2:11; Malachi 3:2). However, those who have prepared themselves have nothing to fear. For them it will be an unspeakably glorious experience, equipping each one to be part of the exceedingly powerful army of God.

When a person has the same dream two or three times, it is often an indication that the dream is from the Lord. Amazingly, Jonathan continues to have this dream once or twice a week.

Such a recurring dream from the Lord is rare and highly significant, indicating that He really wants us to understand the dream and let the truth of it sink deeply in our souls. He doesn’t want us to be awed by the dream and then forget about what we heard, but to meditate upon what we have heard.

None of us can escape the responsibility of preparing for what is coming, crying out to God to do this wonderful work in the earth, and interceding for others so that they are not consumed when it comes (Exodus 24:17; Deut. 4:24; 9:3; Isaiah 29:6; 30:27, 30; Isaiah 33:14; Heb. 12:29).

Revival coming

31 Jul

Brother Samachen gave the following prophetic word to Larry and Chris Reichert in Sugarland on July 17, 2009. Brother Samchen had never seen Larry and Chris before and had no prior knowledge about where they live or what they do. He did not know that Larry is the pastor of Christ the King Church.

To Chris: In the name of Jesus, Holy Spirit is reminding you that a great missionary work is before you, a great ministry of miracles is before you. In your family and the place you live there is going to be a great revival. So pray for that particular place. Pray for Woodlands, and you are going to see the work of the Lord. A name which begins “Christ” is going to be revealed in your church, and that is going to turn to be “King” and that’s going to turn to a revival. In these days God is going to reveal his great plans.

The Lord is going to take your church to a second level and He is preparing the church for a new season. He is going to give enlargement and people are going to come from far away places and are going to get delivered at your place. Surrender yourself for a great revival. In the name of Jesus, I pray and anoint her. Lord, command your impartation. Bless her in the name of Jesus. Let it be so in the name of Jesus.

To Larry: I’m going to reveal a pastoral ministry with power in your life like an apostle. I’m going to send in your youth church a great revival. Surrender yourself for a greater work of the Lord.

Brother Samachen then asks Larry and Chris from what place they had come. After they told him Conroe/Willis area, he said:

God is going to send a mighty revival in that place. You should pray effectively and powerfully. In your church, worship is going to be revealed in a manner which can’t be stopped or contained. For that, let the people surrender themselves. The books which you write are going to cause revival. You’ll start worship services in different languages. And many branches will come out of your church. Five-fold ministry will be manifested in your church. Lots of pastors and prophets are going to rise up under your ministry.

Next ministry will be south of here

27 Jun

by Marty Gabler at Christ the King Church on February 26, 1995

. . . the next ministry that you start will be south of here.

Note: This was fulfilled when we started Sanctuary Church of The Woodlands in 2001.

Plant many churches

27 Jun

by Scott Webster at Christ the King Church November 11, 1999

This church is called to do church planting in the days ahead. And the Lord spoke to me not one church but many churches will be planted out of this one local church, out of the leaders you raise up. That many people of this congregation will be sent out to plant, build, itinerate.

Plant another work in this area

27 Jun

by Carol Cartwright at Christ the King Church on February 14, 1993

Think it not strange when I begin to speak to you even in this area and even in more heavily populated areas, when I say lay the foundation for a church. And don’t worry about the pastorship, you just worry about laying the foundations, says the Lord. And money is going to come forth for you to go, yea, even plant another work in this area, says the Lord.