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Five Wagons of Revival

6 Jul

a vision by Robin McMillan

When I face certain kinds of spiritual attack I have learned to go on the offensive. I lay in bed early one morning prior to speaking in a conference feeling oppressed and tired even after a good nights sleep. I knew I needed to move in faith so I began to declare aloud parts of Psalm 91:

‘He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no evil foe can withstand! I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, He is my fortress, my God, on Him will I lean and rely, and in Him will I confidently trust! Surely then He shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings I shall take refuge; His truth shall be my shield and buckler.’

The power of the word of God is released when believed and spoken! As I proclaimed these vital verses the dunamis of God began strengthening my soul. So I did it again with renewed strength and more conviction.

‘He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no evil foe can withstand! I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, He is my fortress, my God, on Him will I lean and rely, and in Him will I confidently trust! Surely then He shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings I shall take refuge; His truth shall be my shield and buckler.’

“Suddenly, I saw in the top of my hotel room a type of open spiritual passageway. I knew instinctively that I could leap into it and be carried into the realm of the heavens. So I did. At lightening speed I zoomed through the atmospheric realm of the prince of the power of the air. I heard demonic voices saying, ‘Hey, you can’t come through here!’ I laughed knowing their attempts to stop me were in vain. I was going and that was that!

“I landed in the heavens in a shadow like place under a huge dark wing at least 12’0” tall. Tennis ball size and larger precious stones beyond description exuded from the enormous wing. Gold and silver particles and other precious metals were coming out of the wing. I had never seen anything like it before. I was confused. At first I didn’t understand why the place was so dark. I thought angel’s wings would be white, but then I realized something. Had I not just boldly proclaimed that I would dwell in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty? Had I not declared that He would deliver me from the snare of the fowler, you know, the bird catcher? That’s quite a promise for a man named Robin! Had I not emphatically proclaimed; ‘He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings I shall take refuge?’ I was not under a massive angel’s wing but had found refuge under the very wing of the Great Eagle, the One of whom I had been proclaiming.” 

Five Supernatural Wagons

In that place the Lord authorized me to bring back and release five wagons of divine substance. The first one was a wagon called ‘Deliverance from Deserved Consequences’. The second wagon was called ‘Deliverance from Criticism and the Critical Spirit’. The third wagon was called ‘Hope’. The fourth wagon was called ‘Provision’. The fifth wagon was called ‘New Vision for the United States’.

Interpretation and Meaning of the Wagons

One characteristic of this kind of spiritual encounter is that you instinctively know things. I knew I would find the significance and understanding of the wagons in the story of the amazing restoration of Joseph to his father Jacob and his brothers recorded in Genesis 45. A significant part of the restoration occurred because of wagons Joseph sent to his father to prove he was alive.

“And Joseph sent to his father these things: ten donkeys loaded with the good things of Egypt, and ten female donkeys loaded with grain, bread, and food for his father and for the journey” (Genesis 45: 23).

 “Then they went up out of Egypt, and came to the land of Canaan to Jacob their father. And they told him, saying, ‘Joseph is still alive, and he is governor over all the land of Egypt.’ And Jacob’s heart stood still, because he did not believe them”.

“But when they told him all the words which Joseph had said to them, and when he saw the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob their father revived” (Genesis 45:25-27, italics mine).

Joseph’s words and Joseph’s wagons had this effect on his father: ‘The spirit of Jacob their father revived’. That is the first time the word ‘revive’ is used in the Bible. In the context of this encounter it speaks volumes. These 5 wagons, when activated, have the potential to release revival and restoration. Joseph is the clearest type of the Lord Jesus in the whole Old Testament. Some students of the scripture had found over 80 similarities between the two. For instance, the disciples thought Jesus was dead, but He was alive and Lord of All. For 22 years Joseph’s family thought he was dead. He was not only ‘not dead’ but alive and lord of all Egypt.

“Our hearts and this generation will revive when we see the amazing resources of heaven that Christ Jesus has provided for the world as represented by these five wagons!

Wagon #1

The first wagon was called Deliverance from Deserved Consequences. Jesus loves people so much that He wants to set them free from their bad choices and decisions. Perhaps you did the wrong thing, you made the wrong choice, yes, you sinned –but, Jesus wants to set you free from what you deserve and the consequences of your actions.

Wagon #2

“The second wagon was called Deliverance from Criticism and the Critical Spirit! Jesus can set wounded people free from the effects of people’s criticisms to become who He says they are. That wagon is also intended to deliver us from being critical. Remember, Jesus also warned that we would be judged in direct proportion to our condemnation of others.

Wagon #3

The third wagon was called Provision. God has provided for the needs and desires of His people. It’s all in heaven. In Matthew 6:10 Jesus taught us to pray, ‘Your Kingdom come in earth as it is in heaven,’ and meant that what happens in heaven should happen on earth. There are no poor people in heaven, no sick, no depressed either! We can access all that heaven contains.

Wagon #4

“The fourth was a wagon called Hope. Hope is an indispensable commodity. It is the foundation for faith, for ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). The Apostle Paul said that hope anchors our soul. Hope secures our entire mental welfare and energizes our life of faith! Hopelessness is the fruit of believing lies. Jesus said we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. One who accurately knows Jesus and believes the truth is filled with a hope that cannot be extinguished!

Wagon # 5

The fifth wagon is called ‘New Vision for the United States’. In the story of Joseph Pharaoh provided the very best place in all of Egypt for them called Goshen which means ‘drawing near.’  James 4:8 says, ‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.’ If our nation will draw near to God, He will draw near to us and change our nation! I believe that is going to happen in the United States. We are on the verge of another Great Spiritual Awakening that shall once again reshape our nation.

Activating the Five Wagons

Why were these heavenly blessings in wagons? Wagons are pulled by something called ‘the tongue.’ You must properly use your tongue to access what’s in them. The wagons I saw were huge ancient wooden ones with wheels having big wooden spokes. You could say they were ‘spoken’ wheels. How we use our tongue and our spoken words are so important:

‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit’ (Proverbs 18:21).

 ‘For with the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation’ (Romans 10:10).

Each of us may access the contents of these heavenly wagons by believing in the existence of their substance and speaking their reality by an agreement of faith. Jesus has so much for us. The reviving of our nation is His intention. Lay hold of these five wagons and see what happens in your life. The time is now.

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The Great Tsunami

27 Jul

by Rick Joyner, 2011, MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #69

In 1987 I had a two-and-a-half-day prophetic experience in which I was shown a panorama of coming events that I wrote about in my book titled, The Harvest. Most of what I saw coming has now taken place, but the biggest event of all, the harvest that was at the end of the age, has not. It is now approaching.

Jesus said, “The harvest is the end of the age” (see Matthew 13:39). This will be the greatest ingathering of new believers in history, greater than all the previous ones combined. In my vision, this came in two great waves. The first wave was the largest up until this time, but it was only the ingathering of those who were called to be the laborers in the coming even much greater one.

This first wave began shortly after I was given this vision and lasted for almost twenty years. During that time more people came to Christ around the world than had come to Him in all of history up until that time. Some estimates were that an average of almost four hundred thousand people a day were coming to Christ during its peak. There were countries where people were being born again faster than they were being born. Hundreds of millions came to Christ in Africa, South and Central America, and Asia.

Though this wave hardly seemed to touch North America and Europe, they provided many of the evangelists and workers for the other great revivals around the world, and their time is coming. I then saw a period of relative calm before the greatest of all moves of God began. We are near the end of that time and are about to be hit by a wave of revival like the earth has never seen before.

The Magnitude of the Harvest

When a tsunami is traveling across the oceans, it is barely a discernable ripple in the water, but when it approaches land, it begins to rise fast, sometimes to a height of several hundred feet. In minutes, a calm sea can rise up and sweep away everything in its path. Even though it may seem that we are in a spiritual calm now, a spiritual tsunami is coming, and we must prepare for it.

The biggest problem virtually every church will be facing is how to handle explosive growth. In the vision, I saw small churches of less than a hundred people adding a thousand new members a week at times. Of course, this happened on the Day of Pentecost, and then there were other days in which thousands came to Christ in a day. Even with a dozen apostles personally trained by the Lord, there was stress caused by this. Pressure points gave birth to new ministries such as the deacon. The infrastructure of church life that this produced is still the model that works, and we need to return to its effective simplicity to handle what is coming.

I saw churches that grew so large that they started renting football and soccer stadiums in which to hold their services. At times, hundreds of thousands would gather in parks and huge outdoor meetings just to hear Bible teachers to pray and to worship. Not only were whole cities coming to Christ, but also entire nations were coming so that the state itself became like a large church.

A few years ago I decided to watch the news for several hours a day for a week to determine what percentage of stories could be considered good news. During that time I did not see one good news story. They were all about problems, crises, disasters, and suffering. This was during the time of some of our greatest economic prosperity. Now it’s worse. However, change is coming. When this next wave hits, the news around the world is going to be dominated by good news.

We will see events like hundreds of thousands of people gathering spontaneously for prayer and worship, becoming the biggest news stories of the day. News teams will be following apostolic teams and evangelists like they do politicians and business leaders now. Much more is happening now than most are aware of, or that is making the news, but when the Lord “suddenly comes into His temple,” it will be the news, and the whole world will be aware of it.

There will be individual newscasts from secular networks that will cause more to come to Christ than Christian networks have in their entire existence. This is not to negate what has been accomplished by Christian networks but rather to stress the impact that this revival will have. We will go through a period when the news of the great things God is doing will crowd out just about all other news around the world.

Both the Welsh and the Azusa Street Revivals made front-page news around the world repeatedly for nearly two years. That was just a foretaste, a seed being planted for what is to come. The coming move of God will in some ways be a composite of many of the great moves of the past, but in one basic way it will be different—this will not just be a move of God, but it will be God moving.

This is not just semantics, because every true move of God is at least initiated by God, but He will bless many things He will not inhabit. His manifest presence will be so great in what is coming that people will not chase after individual truths, or acts of God, but they will be after the Lord Himself. He will be the conversation, not just what He does. This is a move that will lift up Jesus. When He is lifted up, all will be drawn to Him, not just to doctrines, projects, or missions, but to Him.

Doctrine certainly has its place, and there is a great need for sound biblical doctrine to be imparted to all new believers, and for all other believers to build stronger foundations on His truth. There is a need for projects and missions that are His will, but “the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing,” and the Main Thing is Jesus. The true apostolic Gospel was Jesus: “They preached Jesus and the resurrection from the dead.” Jesus will again be the Message, and it will be what He is doing that gets the attention.

What is coming is the return to the apostolic gospel. The Way is a Person. Truth is a Person, and if we don’t know that Person as our Life, then we don’t really know the Way or the Truth either. He is coming to take His rightful place in His church. When He does, the church will be profoundly changed. When Jesus becomes our desire as He should be, the church will become the ultimate society on the earth that multitudes will be streaming to. There is no greater adventure than the true Christian life, and there is nothing more boring than religion. Religion is about to be displaced by the true Christian life, and the great adventure will supplant institutional religion.

Catch the Wave

We are coming to the most exciting times in history, but this is also a warning. If we are not prepared for what is coming, we will be victims of it. This coming worldwide revival will also be one of the biggest challenges ever. Moves of God are often referred to as waves in history because a wave is an accurate metaphor. For a surfer, there are few things as thrilling as catching “the big one.” However, if you’re casually strolling in the surf and the big one catches you by surprise, you will likely eat a lot of sand and drink a lot of salt water. Revivals can do the same thing to churches and ministries that are not prepared for them.

Riding a wave is not possible unless you are positioned right to catch it. To catch a wave, you must discern where it is going to break. Then you must position yourself in the right place. Then you have to begin moving in the right direction when it comes. Though it may seem that everything is quiet right now, we need to be getting prepared for what is coming by getting into position and be ready to move in the right direction as it comes.

The most important thing that we can do to get into the right position is to recover and strengthen our first love—Jesus. We all signed up for Him, not just good teachings, or a better way to live, though we do get those too. There is nothing on earth more contagious than a person who is getting closer to the Lord. Those “who have been with Jesus” are going to start standing out as never before. We only have true spiritual authority to the degree that we are abiding in the King, and the leaders of what is coming will be those who are the closest to the Lord.

What is coming will be far too big for any human leadership or strategy to control. Only the Captain of the hosts can lead this one, and He will. It is not just hearing the words of the Lord as much as it is hearing the Word Himself. The main strategy for what is to come will be to know His voice and to obey Him. He will be giving personal direction to His people. This is why we are told in Acts 2:17-18 that “in the last days” when He pours out His Spirit, the result is dreams, visions, and prophecy upon the old and young, male and female, which obviously includes everyone. This is because we are going to need this kind of guidance for what is to come, and He is going to give it to us as He always has for those who would seek Him.

The coming move of God will be the greatest challenge we’ve ever faced but also will be the greatest time of our lives. These are the times that even the prophets of old desired to see. The Lord has saved His best wine for last, and many who are reading this will witness the greatest move of God of all time.

It is right to appreciate the honor of living in these times, but it is also right to treat it as the great responsibility that it is. To whom much is given much will be required, and this will be a time when much work must be done. Even so, when we are yoked with the Lord, we will find rest and refreshment in our labors as we are told in Matthew 11:28-30:

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

“Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you shall find rest for your souls.

“For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”

You do not put on a yoke to go to bed but rather to do work. However, there is no greater rest and refreshment for our souls that we could ever find than being yoked with the Lord in His work. There is no job or profession we could ever have in this life more fulfilling than doing what He created us to do before the foundation of the world. This will be life on a level more exciting and fulfilling than most have ever known. Even so, knowing and abiding in the rest of the Lord will be crucial for all during this time. As much work as there will be to do with so many coming to the faith, we must not fall to human striving. Striving is counterproductive in the work in the true work of the kingdom.

He Is Supernatural

We were created to have fellowship with God Who is Spirit. Because of this, there is a deep yearning for the spiritual, the supernatural, in every human being. Many cover it up, but we can never be truly fulfilled or at peace without this spiritual fellowship with God. As Jesus stated in John 4:23-25:

“But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth;
for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.

“God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

The Apostle Paul said that if we are at home in the body, or in the natural, we are absent from the Lord (see II Corinthians 5:6-9). We should be more at home in the spiritual realm than we are the natural because the “new creation” is born of the Spirit. This too is going to become a reality in what is coming. Then extraordinary miracles become common, and even the “greater works,” such as speaking to mountains and having them plucked up and moved, will be done to prove that the Word of God is true.

The true Christian life is a supernatural life, and this will be a reality in what is coming. However, that we will be seeing such miracles also means that we will be living in times when we will need those miracles. Everyone will be in either continuous awe and wonder at the great things the Lord is doing, or in continuous terror at what is happening in the world. The Apostle Paul said in Acts 14:22, “Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.” This is true personally and for the whole world. In every trial there is a door to the kingdom, and in the ultimate trial of the whole earth, the whole earth will enter the kingdom.

The good thing is that the tribulation will not last, but the kingdom will. For those who are staying close to the Lord, they will hardly know that they are passing through tribulations. In a prophetic experience, I was once caught up and found myself standing in front of a radar screen on a warship, with the Lord Himself standing next to me. There was a blip on the screen coming straight at us, so I called for the ship to turn 90 degrees. The ship turned, but the blip on the screen remained right in front and coming closer. I called for the ship to turn again, with the same results. I then braced for the impact, but the blip went away and nothing happened. I then asked the Lord what had happened. He said the blip on the radar screen was the great time of trouble. He said that it was coming and there was no way to avoid it, but if we stayed close to Him, we wouldn’t even feel it.

For those who are walking in their purpose, even the great tribulation will be a minor event. There will be far more attention on what Christ is doing than on what the antichrist is doing. As we read in Isaiah 60, at the very time when darkness is covering the earth, and deep darkness the people, the Lord’s glory will be rising on His people. Then, as we see in verse three, the nations will come to the glory. The light wins! We do need to know the devil’s schemes, but true security comes from knowing what Christ is doing, and uniting with Him in His purposes.

As we read in Daniel 2, at the same time all of the kingdoms of men are collapsing and becoming like dust, the kingdom of God is growing, and it will keep growing until it fills the earth. Those who are obeying His command to seek first His kingdom (see Matthew 6:33) will experience never-ending increase. Those who are seeking first the things of this world will experience increasing troubles. Every coming year this distinction will become more pronounced. It is time to put the kingdom first, above anything else that we are pursuing.

One of the most important things that we can do to be positioned to catch the wave that is coming is to come to know the gifts and ministries of the Spirit that we are called to walk in, and begin to walk in them. The Ephesians 4 mandate of all true New Testament ministry is to equip others to do the work of the ministry, not just do it ourselves. Those who do not obey this mandate will soon disappear from leadership in the church, and those who train and equip their people will be the future leaders of the body of Christ. These are the ones who are not burying the talents they’ve been entrusted with but are investing and multiplying them. We cannot accomplish what we must in these times without every part of the body doing its part.


For the last five years I have been shown many difficulties and hardships that will be coming, and to date, they have proven to be accurate. Not many wanted to hear or believe what we had to say, and I have to admit that it has not been much fun having so many hard words. Even so, all of these trials have doors to the kingdom that we must now walk through. Those who did hear the warning and prepared accordingly have done very well. The prepared will prosper in any situation. One of the most important preparations we can make for these times is simplicity of life.

Gaining or losing natural resources is not nearly as important in these times as being in the right place, equipped for our purpose. To lose everything we own is not nearly as important compared to missing the greatest of all spiritual opportunities that is coming. The most valuable thing we can accomplish in this life is to hear those greatest of words on the Judgment Day: “Well done good and faithful servant” (see Matthew 25:23). There is not a human being who would not gladly trade all that they accomplished to hear those words on that day. This is also what we must live for now. Those who do will be the happiest of all people, and that joy will not go away forever.

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Workers needed

25 Aug

a dream by Leslie Isbell on April 23, 2010

A messenger came to our church with a call for emergency assistance. (I think the appeal went to all churches in the area.) A catastrophe had occurred and the hospitals couldn’t accommodate all the wounded. Only three from our church answered the call. I was surprised, but thought maybe our numbers had diminished or others had other areas of service God had laid on their hearts or the call was too last-minute to respond.

The airport was cleared out (looked more like an empty arena with no chairs) and doctors and support staffs were setting up gurneys and mobile equipment to accommodate the incoming. There was lots of open space with gurney operating tables all around the borders. There was some medical personnel around most of the tables, but many more were needed. I knew they were frantically preparing for the imminent arrival of the incoming wounded. Not many volunteers, I had the déjà vu sensation of the Reinhard Bonnke film where rescuers didn’t see the need to man the lifeboats.

No direction was given to the volunteers at the airport, so I was moving around the room to see where I may be needed and how to best prepare. I saw other volunteers standing around in little groups, waiting to be told what to do.

Some thoughts that crossed my mind:

• I knew very little about operating tools or procedures, and wondered if I would be more of a hindrance than actual assistance.
• I wished I had watched more hospital, war, or forensic shows so I would be more inured to the carnage I knew I would be facing. I was psyching myself and praying that I could look upon the mangled and truncated bodies with courage and grace and not get sick.
• I thought if nothing else, maybe I could be a useful go-fer or be able to pray with those and trust God to provide comfort and distraction them from their pain. (I didn’t think they had any anesthesia to give them during their operations.)

At the end, I was still uncertain how I would be able to handle the task, when several people called, “Here they come!” and we all looked toward the doors.

Then I woke up about 4:30. I was shaken and thought I would be spending the next couple of hours in prayer, but eventually I fell back asleep and dreamed the whole thing a second time.

The Season of Change… Angelic Change

21 Apr

by Theresa Phillips

I was in worship calling in the Presence of GOD, “I needed a fresh touch,” when instantly I was swept away with the Love of God.

This Love was so strong. In my heart I knew not what was happening at the time. Then I knew  in my inner man. I sensed the Presence speaking to me: “Spring time! It’s Spring time!” And I heard The Lord say, “Spring up a well of joy and expectancy! Guess what? I have sent help…  to fill the earth with the Wonders of the Father. I have sent help.”

Then I was taken by the Spirit, where I do not know. I saw myself standing near a pathway of ancient stone steps, well worn and trodden. The stone steps were wide and deep. They had become smooth, and the walls had been rubbed till they shined from the many who have walked this ancient path.

There  I was in awe. Yet coming from behind me was an army of angelic movement. I just knew it. It was in my spirit to know… Spirit to spirit.

My eyes drifted once again to the steps. I saw the  angels descending in vast numbers down these ancient steps.

I head the voice of one calling from above, “Go touch the earth; minister to my people.” That voice sounded like a river and thunder. My being was shaking under the resonating sound.

My eyes were fixed on the sight  when I saw something else. I saw an angel, huge in proportion, walking up the steps. He had huge wings. He was gray in color, the color of the earth. As he was nearing the crest of the steps, I saw a bright light illuminate from above, and the angel became golden and beautiful. I heard the sound of great rejoicing from above. The angel’s mission had been completed here in the  below, and now others were being dispatched in it’s place.

The changing of an Angelic guard had begun.

Fast forwarding now to another  time and place, while in the kitchen of my home chatting with  a dear one, suddenly we were in the Spirit, and again I was seeing the steps. This time the steps were brighter. I felt more comfortable now.

Descending from the steps were five angels sent here in the below TO HELP the People of GOD!

The First one had wings filled with gold and silver. The Lord prompted me to know this was a prosperity angel.

Psalm 68:13 Even while you sleep among the campfires, the wings of my dove are sheathed with silver, its feathers with shining gold.

The Lord spoke clearly, “I am releasing “Prosperity” to my people for such a time as this. My people  will become creative, making witty inventions, and the arts will explode over the earth, causing an influx of financial gain.”

The Second Angel came down  the stone steps He was carrying an ancient manuscript. This angel was called “Harken” to the word of the Lord.

Psalm 103 :20 Praise the LORD, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word.

I saw this angel move swiftly like fire to bring fresh revelation on the word of the Lord as it was being preached. I heard the Lord say “REVELATION is coming fast, very fast. I am exciting my people with FRESH revelation. The word will bring many to me and will stabilize households. Ministries will grow in faith! The word will have the Fresh Breath of my Spirit upon it and many will be saved by the preaching of the word.”

The third angel was carrying stalk of wheat. This was a Harvesting angel.

Matthew 13:39b The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.

These angels will prompt the eye gate to LOOK onto the harvest and see the fields.

John 4:35b behold, I say unto you, “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”

I knew the Spirit was speaking to me with this one: “The harvest is plentiful the workers are few.”

The Almighty One is sending Help to get the work done! The Lord spoke to me and said, “LOOK and SEE; LISTEN and DO! I have begun to ignite the hearts of men for revival.” “Get ready,” said the Lord, “I Am making a way for the harvest. Prepare for the Harvest.”

Then I saw the shafts of wheat again and realized something about wheat. If it’s not harvested when its ready, the season can abruptly change and it could  fall to the ground (if a storm comes) and may not recover. I saw this angel standing in the fields, assigned to protect the crop.

The  fourth angel was “Mighty”. He had a huge horn in his hand. This angel was sent to Proclaim to the Nations the Glory of God (Tangible Presence).

Pouring out of the bowel of his horn were words “The Good News of Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Healings, Deliverances and GREAT HOPE”. This Angel was called Michael (not to be confused with the great Archangel).

Luke 2:15 When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”

I heard the Lord say to me, “GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! I am bringing good news to my people and to those who are afar off. Get ready for a new sound of Joy!”

The fifth angel was almost transparent, beautiful yet very powerful. It’s armor was made of very fine material that could cut through anything .

This angel is assigned to make ways of “Escape” from death, battles, and imprisonments. This angel knows the ways of the King; he is from the Throne Room. He is assigned to direct people into the inner courts of those in high offices and expand territories for the “Presence of the King”.

Acts 12:7 Suddenly, there was a bright light in the cell, and an angel of the Lord stood before Peter. The angel struck him on the side to awaken him and said, “Quick! Get up!” And the chains fell off his wrists.

I then heard this from the Lord: “I will have me a People! I will send help! I will provide. I will give supernatural strategies! I will open the flood gates of heavens and pour out blessings from above and from the below.” “I have sent help,” says the Lord.

Then I heard this very clearly: “Pray in the Holy Spirit. Build UP YOUR faith.” (Jude)

As I watched these angels come into the below, I knew a change was taking place. GREAT CHANGE has taken place! Then I  was reminded of two Scriptures that have prompted me to realize we must be ready.

Peter realized a supernatural act had taken place.

Acts 12:11 Peter finally came to his senses. “It’s really true!” he said. “The Lord has sent his angel and saved me from Herod and from what the Jewish leaders had planned to do to me!”

Genesis 28:12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.

Let us Pray:

O Lord Keep my way pure. O Lord do not let ANYTHING pass by me. I accept your help; I am trusting your Spirit to help me do what I must be willing to do. O God, YOU have set me ablaze with new vision and renewed purpose. Help my faith when I have none. Grant wisdom to grow and be one used of you. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.

Revival coming

31 Jul

Brother Samachen gave the following prophetic word to Larry and Chris Reichert in Sugarland on July 17, 2009. Brother Samchen had never seen Larry and Chris before and had no prior knowledge about where they live or what they do. He did not know that Larry is the pastor of Christ the King Church.

To Chris: In the name of Jesus, Holy Spirit is reminding you that a great missionary work is before you, a great ministry of miracles is before you. In your family and the place you live there is going to be a great revival. So pray for that particular place. Pray for Woodlands, and you are going to see the work of the Lord. A name which begins “Christ” is going to be revealed in your church, and that is going to turn to be “King” and that’s going to turn to a revival. In these days God is going to reveal his great plans.

The Lord is going to take your church to a second level and He is preparing the church for a new season. He is going to give enlargement and people are going to come from far away places and are going to get delivered at your place. Surrender yourself for a great revival. In the name of Jesus, I pray and anoint her. Lord, command your impartation. Bless her in the name of Jesus. Let it be so in the name of Jesus.

To Larry: I’m going to reveal a pastoral ministry with power in your life like an apostle. I’m going to send in your youth church a great revival. Surrender yourself for a greater work of the Lord.

Brother Samachen then asks Larry and Chris from what place they had come. After they told him Conroe/Willis area, he said:

God is going to send a mighty revival in that place. You should pray effectively and powerfully. In your church, worship is going to be revealed in a manner which can’t be stopped or contained. For that, let the people surrender themselves. The books which you write are going to cause revival. You’ll start worship services in different languages. And many branches will come out of your church. Five-fold ministry will be manifested in your church. Lots of pastors and prophets are going to rise up under your ministry.

Peter in the boat

22 Nov

A dream reported by Neville Johnson in his e-mail newsletter, March 28, 2008

I found myself in the dream standing on a beach, the tide was almost full and somehow that seemed significant. The water gently lapped the sandy shoreline and a light colored mist hung over the water a few hundred meters offshore. The atmosphere was crisp yet warm. Suddenly a boat appeared through the mist heading towards me; a man was standing holding a tiller and cheerfully called to me saying “Do you want to come fishing?” I hesitated for a moment, then said, “OK,” pushing the boat out and, at the same time, jumping in. The man’s face emanated a glow that was not of this world, he had a rugged yet refined look; he seemed very focused and determined.

I had the strange feeling that I had been here before, but could not quite put my finger on it. The boat quickly moved out into deep water and stopped; the water was teeming with fish and it almost seemed like the fish wanted to be caught. This man looked at me and said, “My name is Peter.” With that he threw the net out and what seemed like no time at all he was pulling it in again, and the net was teeming with fish. As soon as the fish hit the deck of the boat they turned into people of all ages. I was struggling to get my mind around this unusual phenomenon when Peter said “The final harvest must be reaped but it can only be reaped by those who have crossed the River Jordan.” Suddenly it dawned on me that in my dream I was talking to the Apostle Peter. Before I could speak, Peter continued, “Jesus was involved in two fishing trips while He walked this earth, one at the beginning of His ministry and one towards the end of his ministry” (Luke 5:4-10 and John 21:6-8). Peter continued, “On the first fishing trip the net broke but on the second trip the net held. So it will be in this final harvest, the net will hold. The net broke in the early church and much was lost, but it will not be so in your day. Those who have left the wilderness behind and have crossed over into the Promised Land are those who have one goal and motive which is only to build the Kingdom of God. Jealousy, anger, selfish ambition no longer will hinder them nor spoil the harvest. Pride no longer motivates them and they have come into rest. The final harvest has begun and will increase in intensity until the end. The end is now in sight; the finishing line is in view. What began at Pentecost will finish in your day. The great cloud of witnesses watches with great joy and anticipation for the final consummation. Just as the harvest began with one generation in my day, so it will finish with this present generation in your day. My generation saw the foundations laid, your generation will see the building completed. There will be many in your generation who will overcome all things, even death. Our generation saw tares sown into the harvest field; your generation will see all the tares removed. The harvest wave is upon you; you will accomplish in one generation what hundreds of generations have longed to see. The Feast of Pentecost must give way to the feast of Tabernacles. Your generation will accomplish that which the church could not over the past two thousand years. The glorious shadow that emanated from the early church was just that, a shadow, you will see the fullness of the glory of God in one generation manifested in such a way that nothing will be impossible. The miracles we saw were just a foretaste of what was to come.”

Peter paused, looking at the people in the boat he said, “See how the boat has now grown.” I was amazed the boat was now huge and was accommodating so many people it was impossible to estimate how many people were now in the boat. Peter continued, “The seed of early church martyrs will blossom in your generation. One seed will produce countless multitudes in the harvest of your day. They watch with gratitude to the Lord for allowing them to be a part of what you will experience. This seed will explode into continuing ever increasing harvests until the Lord returns. They have waited to see this day.” Peter looked at me and said, “Tell the Christian leaders of your day, if they seek to profit by this harvest and build their own kingdoms with the harvest, they will be destroyed. This harvest is Holy; this fruit is precious. If you cause any to stumble you will surely be destroyed.” I felt the force and gravity of what Peter had just said. It hit me like a hammer blow and I had to steady myself somewhat in order not to miss anything more Peter had to say. Peter continued, “Purity of heart is required for those who are to be involved in gathering this harvest. It is the Lord’s harvest, not your harvest. He has waited for this with great longing and anticipation.”

Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. (James 5:7)

Finally Peter said, “Don’t be impetuous like I was. Follow the Lord of the Harvest. True sons of God are led by the spirit of God.” I began to feel a holy fear which triggered a determination never to hurt or hinder the harvest, never to use it for my own ends and purposes. Peter looked at me and said, “Great grace will be given to your generation, but great accountability will be required.” With that he was gone and I awoke.

For more information about Neville Johnson’s ministry, visit his website at www.lwf.org.au.

The Wave of Pure Light

4 Jul

by Annie Schisler, July 25, 2006

While in a time of adoring worship of Him for whom my heart longs, He came to me snatching me away and took me into the spheres of His wondrous light. When He receives me into His presence He invariably does it with those ineffable words that ring such peace and security; He tells me: Do not be afraid!

I know that I would not be able to enter His cloud of gory if He did not give breath to me with His greeting, since the reaction that provokes the taking part in so high spheres of glory and holiness is tremendously overwhelming. He has to protect me in this way from the affects of such grandeur, and refulgence, for if He did not, I would be devastated and I would not be able to bear it. He also covers me in His cloud of love and peace when He shows me the operations of this hour.

With tremendous strength and demonstration of purpose, the Lord talked to me about a great “now” when He would be gathering multitude of souls. In contrast with His chosen in whom He had been performing a profound work, this new operation would be carried out in a completely exposed way and with great clarity.

Jesus showed me a new and extraordinary wave of heavenly, pure, light and life that He is accumulating to prepare the manifestation of the great harvest that will develop underneath the storm of evil which is forming. He told me that He would not wait or retain this wave anymore, but “now” had come. While being released by Him, it would flow over the earth, bringing multitudes of souls to the fold.

This new wave, full of powers and forces of light and life, was His instrument and had a double function: one function was to open as the incision of a sharp sword would make, and the other penetrated and went through beyond all defences and accomplished what God determined.

In this new occasion the Lord told me: You will see now! Immediately I looked and saw a new and mighty pure wave of power that had begun to work under that terrible storm of darkness of evil and persecution. While the storm of darkness still followed its course, this new wave of so pure light and life that had been prepared for this hour, suddenly started to expand in an explosive and magnificent way.

I saw how this new wave operated. I saw what appeared to be gigantic arms extending out to gather countless multitudes of souls for Jesus. In amazing operations of God, in great power and strength, untold millions were taken for Him.

However, there were differences between the levels and conditions of these souls. The elect ones were obviously superior in development and light, but despite their inferior condition, the souls gathered under the storm were more numerous and equally precious to the Lord. He was especially interested in the great harvest of this multitude of souls. With great joy and power He was intensively working to fulfil this.

The inferior condition of the new ones was detectable not by their appearance, but by their relationship with God. Those who walked above the storm have a very intimate relationship with Him, characterized by a great intensity, as if they were linked with the same fires and torrents of the divine nature. When the new ones received abundant blessings from God, it was due to the fact that these blessings rebounded from His chosen ones. The blessings on one rebounded as a blessing for the other. Clearly the operation of God in this wave of light developed in the chosen ones through purity and holiness.

The wave of pure light was working in the midst of great darkness underneath the storm. He showed me an especially terrible and gloomy area that offered no promise, where the wave had not yet reached. Then He caused me to see that this light would expand in places where it had never been before and where the darkness had reigned without opposition. These places were many and were awaiting the manifestation of this work.

Jesus said He would take this manifestation of this marvellous wave of light and life to a certain state of development, up to the same threshold of its explosion. Although He desired this wave to burst in this explosion force of purity, something was still missing prohibiting this from happening. The moment of this explosion would be precipitated and lit by the elect ones who were above the storm. Each of them individually had to open as if it were a door inside them and they also had to enter an even higher place of communion with Christ, which at the same time would open their inner doors to manifestation in power force of light.

While opening these doors that great wave of light would pass through them and would start to accomplish its purposes and works over the land of the final harvest. Although this wave, full of extreme power and force to the reaping, would gather multitudes, it would however gradually and progressively advance, taking its territory as long as the chosen ones moved forward and opened the doors to the new ones. The ones who were under the storm, though they received great provision of light and life that God shed, nonetheless they were allowed to be moved, shaken and buffeted. However, through this, the way would be provided in which the Lord would mould, transform and develop them. On the contrary, those who were above the storm of darkness, that is the elect ones could not be shaken as they were rooted and asserted in their relationship with Christ.

Jesus explained that these sons that would give way to this new wave must be extremely purified. This purification is of fundamental importance, not only for themselves, but also for these new ones that will be gathered. This high, complete purification of the elect ones is equivalent to the opening of the doors inside them that will rebound in a force of great life and light to those millions that are still in darkness.

To read more of Annie’s revelations, refer to her book I Saw the Lord at http://mcfbookreviews.wordpress.com/2008/07/04/i-saw-the-lord/.

You can learn more about Annie by visiting her web site at http://www.facetofaceministry.org.