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Revival is Coming

7 Feb

a visitation experienced by Andrea Aasen on November 2, 2012

Introduction by Patricia King

A revival is on its way and it will have a global impact and reach. Get ready! Prepare the way of the Lord through joyful expectation, prayer, and decree. Set your hearts apart for him because a great revival wave is coming. Get excited because God is coming in weighty manifestations of Grace and Truth which will produce conviction, salvation, healings, deliverances, resurrections, miracles, signs, wonders, and the cleansing of “unclean flesh” (spiritual and natural lepers).

Andrea Aasen is our Cambodia, Operation Justice leader. She is very prophetic and has proven to be extremely accurate. She is a pure vessel and I take note of her words.  She is very trustworthy.  Recently she had a visitation from the Lord that confirmed very specifically things the Lord had revealed to me and many others while in His presence.  I am including her record of the visitation below (I edited it slightly to exclude and adjust parts that were personal and not for public readership).

Be blessed! Amazing days lie ahead for us.

Patricia King

The vision

I woke up with a visitation from the Fear of the Lord like I have never had before. This visitation has personal application for the nations.

Then the Lord took me into a vision, and this, too, was unlike what I have ever seen or experienced . . . He took me to see the actual fulfillment of the following scriptures . . . He held my hand, and led me on a “tour” to see what was coming, and I traveled to see us “living” in the following . . .

First, the visitation of the Fear of the Lord came, and I saw the Lord coming in His Holiness and Grace. And the Fear of the Lord surrounded us with a circle of fire.

1.)  Suddenly, I entered into Zechariah 2:4-5, where I saw the fire encircle us (no walls / boundaries anymore) and in middle of the fire was the “glory in her midst”.

2.)  Then I entered into Matthew 5:14, and I saw the “Light of the World”, which was this glory being “seen”.

3.)  The Lord next took me into Isaiah 49:6, where He showed me this light going to the nations.

4.)  Next into Isaiah 60 – to see the glory of Zion.

Then I heard the Lord say, “fortification is coming” . . . He is making the city strong.

And I next went into . . .

5.) 1 Peter 2:6 – a rebuilding of the cornerstone of Zion, and I saw the houses of the Lord being rebuilt / restored . . . literally I saw tons of thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands – as far as you could see, working to restore the house.

6.) And I then saw Isaiah 40:3 and Malachi 3:1 – and I saw the Body being aligned in body, soul, and spirit.  There was a huge angel with a great tuning fork striking it, and as he struck the sound was released, and with each strike I saw the breath of God coming forth, but His breath was fire and the Life was in the Fire.  The Body was being prepared, and the Purifier/Helper came (I was taken to see Jesus’ body in the tomb being prepared and then His rising and the release of the Spirit / our helper coming to dwell in our midst . . . and I saw the prophetic that was released in that moment to be “activated” now).  And another angel came and sounded a great trumpet, and I saw it shaking and crumbling mountains. And I heard the Julie Meyer song, “Prepare the Way of the Lord” sounding, echoing, in great weight.

7.) And then I saw into Matthew 3:11-12, where I saw Angels of Fire coming with the wind, and burning up all the chaff. And God said a “fresh fire” is coming like never before . . . a corporate baptism of fire. He said it’s a “restoration of fire” . . . and I saw the same angel of restoration that had visited previously, and again His eyes danced with fire . . . and this time he looked on the face of the nations and the nations looked back, and I saw Him pointing to Jesus . . . and I saw the eye of the Lord and eyes of His people, and He was looking at us, but we were looking back . . . it was a restoration of “first love”.

8.) And lastly I saw Revelation 1:8, and I saw a twisting and turning and bending and folding in the spirit – a dimension in time coming into an activation and release with the Spirit – the Almighty God being made known in fullness.  And I saw the former generation meeting with the latter generation, which was a prophetic act to release the fullness of God . . . what I actually saw was an embodiment of the Lord, where He was now able to be seen as “Alpha and Omega” . . . an actual “veil” that was removed from eyes, and the “yes” of the people was made known . . . this happened when the unity arose between the former and latter  . . . a joining to bring about “He that was, and is, and is to come.”


And I saw a treasure chest with a lock and key being opened to reveal the mysteries of Heaven to the sons of God. The interesting part was that the treasure chest had already been opened, but I saw the sons surrounding it, and they were asking for and receiving the revelation being released with open arms.  And then I saw a great banquet table, and I saw the “hunger” of God being stirred (I saw their bellies and a swirling of fire entering into each one to draw forth a great hunger), and they salivated and waited at the table for the meal to be served . . . and when the meal came it was devoured, but as they ate the food kept coming – it just kept multiplying and never ran out . . . and they just kept eating and eating and eating (they were very undignified while eating I might add . . . LOL), just devouring all they could and couldn’t eat fast enough.  And as the invitation was extended, and the table grew to accommodate more . . . and there was always enough . . . and I heard a voice in heaven echoing that phrase “There is always enough!!”

After the vision, I went into prayer, and I saw an individual holding a treasure chest, and in the chest was a “remembrance” of all of their plowing and sacrifices . . . and the chest was filled with seeds . . . just filled and overflowing with seeds.  And I heard the Lord say that a TOTAL RESTORATION is coming.

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God’s Holy Mafia: 007 Agents

22 Mar

a vision by Jill Austin

I had an open vision and saw a gambling casino covering the earth. They were global players who were playing for the world’s resources (like gold, silver, oil, water, inventions, medical breakthroughs, high level technology, etc.). They had no problem committing genocide against entire nations to obtain these valuable commodities.

They were playing with cards and gambling for high stakes. Their faces became like dogs – they had thick collars on, some wore spikes, they were smoking expensive cigars, laughing crudely, and some were drunk and bragging about their evil exploits. They looked like the painting of Coolidge, which shows dogs gambling like men.

But then I saw the Kingdom players of the Lord – His Holy Mafia – who also came and sat at the various tables to play for world resources. They were undetected. They were the Lord’s 007 agents like a “James Bond”, playing a very deadly and dangerous game.

Evil Alliances
The scene changed to Europe, the site of an old ancient castle in Switzerland. Very expensive cars like Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and limousines arrived. Old world families, the wealthy of the earth, were the ones who controlled the financial and political rise and fall of nations throughout the centuries.

These families carried their colorful coat of arms into this ancient castle. But as they entered, the family crest changed and suddenly I saw what they were really known for. With great demonic pride they displayed their family crest and evil legacy. Murderous assignments came down through the lines of the fathers and mothers; it was generational evil being perpetuated.

Several of the family crests revealed that they had committed genocide against the Jews in Europe. Other family crests showed that they had master-minded the political upheaval in several African nations in exchange for the gold, silver and diamond mines.

These ancient families were the wealthiest in the world; they were the ones who had “strings attached” to specific world leaders, who were their “puppets”. These governmental personalities were the charismatic front faces to the public. Over the centuries these involved various religious leaders, dictators, kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, etc. They would give them money but would then own the nations and enslave the people for the world’s key resources.

It was like a “parade” of generational evil being displayed before each other; great honor and recognition was given to each family. They saluted one another, recognizing that each one played a key role for future world domination.

The Demonic War Room
As this vision continued, I went into a huge board room – a strategic war council of evil – and the back wall was a gigantic map of the nations of the earth. It became three dimensional and displayed “living portals” or “doorways” where evil powers and principalities trafficked in and out of cities and nations.

I began to overhear them methodically planning and orchestrating world terrorism. They began to plan evil throughout the earth to paralyze the world with fear, just like we would take out a yearly planner to schedule events.

They’d declare, “Let’s blow up three embassies in various countries! Let’s have an old woman, a student, and a child to go to different malls, strapped with bombs, and blow themselves up!” As the demonic frenzy excited them, they continued. “Let’s target university campuses and several elementary schools with mass shootings. Let’s release chemical warfare into all forms of public transportation systems. Let’s kill the masses by contaminating water supplies with biological agents. Let’s activate the terrorist cell groups that are planted throughout the earth!” This went on and on and on!

They continued to orchestrate world terrorism so there would be massive death tolls, war breaking out on many fronts, with diseases and plagues covering the earth. Meanwhile, the news media went crazy with all of this chaos and the world moved into great fear.

The nations cried out, “We want peace … at any price.” To maintain law and order, nation after nation became a military police state, which eventually moved everyone into a one world government.

An Enoch Company
In the midst of this, the Lord said that He is raising up an Enoch Company – a group of intercessors who will be translated into these secret, evil alliances. They will hear the plans of Satan, return to the councils of God, and then legislate holy plans to devour the evil plans of the enemy. The Enoch Company are radical intimate worshipping warriors who so love the Lord, and overhear the evil secret plans of Satan, and go to battle for greater truth with the Sword of the Lord – Mercy and Justice

In the hour of history we live in, moving in the Spirit is essential to our survival. Hearing God’s voice in everyday life is no longer an option but a necessity. It is imperative that we all live supernatural lives and spend time in the secret place with the Lord. He is calling all of us to a deeper intimacy and prayer in the hour in which we live.

The Lord is mobilizing global prayer warriors to invade the kingdom of darkness that threatens the borders of our nations. These intercessors will stand in the gap to bring down fresh strategies and blueprint plans from the kingdom of God. I feel like the Lord is raising a remnant of valiant prayer warriors across denominations around the earth. Radical prayer furnaces where they are saying, “Lord, we don’t want to have just little prayers, but we want to go into the heavens and see what is happening, so we can impact our world.”

Reese Howell was a radical apostolic intercessor in World War II. He was a man who would go up into the heavens with a group of intercessors and they would see the strategies of the enemy and the strategies of God. They would start to intercede from the heavens and change the course of the war. The Lord is saying that He is looking for people who are willing to move at a governmental level and to ask Him what is over the land and territory.

This kairos hour in history demands that we must know the times and seasons. Can we go into the counsel of the Lord and get the fresh strategies and war plans for today?

God’s Holy Mafia
I had another vision where I looked out into the expanse in front of us, and as far as my eyes could see were legions upon legions of warring angels. They were waiting for the Captain of the Host, the Lord Jesus, to give the word.

Then I realized that in front of me the battle of all battles was forming: Armageddon. This was not just a war between men. This was a war between the fierce angelic hosts and the evil principalities and powers.

These ancient angels of the Lord, the holy army of God, were enormous and fearful to behold. It was as if they were continental angels, global angels. Glory was radiating from them. There was a certain grandness about them, and a feeling of the awe of God surrounded them. They were dressed in military attire—warriors of violence and yet love.

Some had been released and were moving on the earth with special assignments. Others were waiting for orders. I could feel their determination to bring forth the Kingdom of God. Their faces were set like flint. They knew they were part of the end time battle of the Lord. As they looked from the realm of eternity into earth, they moved with grandeur and magnificence to fulfill various assignments.

A Call to War
Then I saw the Captain of the Host, the Lord Jesus Christ. Whenever He spoke, another angelic legion would rumble and move. I could hear the sounds of their chariot wheels and the hooves of horses. I could also hear the sound of a shofar. And the Lord was saying, “I am coming as King. I will release kingly anointing. I will bring justice and judgment—and holiness as never before.”

I also saw other angelic hosts and chariots of fire waiting for their time to be released. The Lord said, “I am calling you as radical forerunners. I am calling you to be end time voices. I saw the forerunners being sent to cities and nations and standing before presidents and dictators in nothing less than suicidal assignments. I also saw us sharing the Word of the Lord with the poor.”

As I looked at the earth, I saw doors opening into different cities, then palaces and embassies. The army of forerunners moved forward with a great show of strength and military prowess. It was more like guerrilla warfare with secret assignments in every arena of influence.

I understood that many of us will be moving in difficult operations within enemy-controlled territories. Sometimes we will be visible but sometimes we will be hidden. The battle will go underground and include incredible assignments to take out top principalities and powers over regions. We will go in like end time secret agents – 007 special operations — to wreak havoc to the demonic realm.

Holy Alliances
Then I heard the Lord speak to me. He said, “You are part of a company of forerunners—end time messengers speaking the Word of the Lord. Sometimes you will be visible and will walk into governmental places. But other times you will move in a realm of invisibility and will shift and move things through intercession and apostolic authority. I am releasing my end time generals.

“Yes, evil alliances are being formed, but I am releasing holy alliances. Do not fear. I am releasing warring angels to protect you on these assignments. You will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony. You will not love your life even unto death. Even though many are called to martyrdom, not one life will be touched until the hour and the day of the appointment. I am releasing warring angels, guard angels. So do not fear, for every day of your life is ordained.

“I am calling My people to be the voice of the Bridegroom, the voice of radical, raging love—for the Kingdom of God is taken with violent love. I am calling you into strategic battle to bring the fear of the Lord, to divide the holy and the profane, to move strategically for My purposes. I will take you places where you will hear demonic plans being made. You will pray and break the power of those plans. You will draw from the armory of the Lord.

“I am calling you to bring justice—justice against disease, justice against abuse and bondage. I am calling you to go forth with My heart of love to set the captives free.”

This excerpt is taken from Jill Austin’s book, Dancing with Destiny: Awaken Your Heart to Dream, to Love, to War.

The Season of Change… Angelic Change

21 Apr

by Theresa Phillips

I was in worship calling in the Presence of GOD, “I needed a fresh touch,” when instantly I was swept away with the Love of God.

This Love was so strong. In my heart I knew not what was happening at the time. Then I knew  in my inner man. I sensed the Presence speaking to me: “Spring time! It’s Spring time!” And I heard The Lord say, “Spring up a well of joy and expectancy! Guess what? I have sent help…  to fill the earth with the Wonders of the Father. I have sent help.”

Then I was taken by the Spirit, where I do not know. I saw myself standing near a pathway of ancient stone steps, well worn and trodden. The stone steps were wide and deep. They had become smooth, and the walls had been rubbed till they shined from the many who have walked this ancient path.

There  I was in awe. Yet coming from behind me was an army of angelic movement. I just knew it. It was in my spirit to know… Spirit to spirit.

My eyes drifted once again to the steps. I saw the  angels descending in vast numbers down these ancient steps.

I head the voice of one calling from above, “Go touch the earth; minister to my people.” That voice sounded like a river and thunder. My being was shaking under the resonating sound.

My eyes were fixed on the sight  when I saw something else. I saw an angel, huge in proportion, walking up the steps. He had huge wings. He was gray in color, the color of the earth. As he was nearing the crest of the steps, I saw a bright light illuminate from above, and the angel became golden and beautiful. I heard the sound of great rejoicing from above. The angel’s mission had been completed here in the  below, and now others were being dispatched in it’s place.

The changing of an Angelic guard had begun.

Fast forwarding now to another  time and place, while in the kitchen of my home chatting with  a dear one, suddenly we were in the Spirit, and again I was seeing the steps. This time the steps were brighter. I felt more comfortable now.

Descending from the steps were five angels sent here in the below TO HELP the People of GOD!

The First one had wings filled with gold and silver. The Lord prompted me to know this was a prosperity angel.

Psalm 68:13 Even while you sleep among the campfires, the wings of my dove are sheathed with silver, its feathers with shining gold.

The Lord spoke clearly, “I am releasing “Prosperity” to my people for such a time as this. My people  will become creative, making witty inventions, and the arts will explode over the earth, causing an influx of financial gain.”

The Second Angel came down  the stone steps He was carrying an ancient manuscript. This angel was called “Harken” to the word of the Lord.

Psalm 103 :20 Praise the LORD, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word.

I saw this angel move swiftly like fire to bring fresh revelation on the word of the Lord as it was being preached. I heard the Lord say “REVELATION is coming fast, very fast. I am exciting my people with FRESH revelation. The word will bring many to me and will stabilize households. Ministries will grow in faith! The word will have the Fresh Breath of my Spirit upon it and many will be saved by the preaching of the word.”

The third angel was carrying stalk of wheat. This was a Harvesting angel.

Matthew 13:39b The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.

These angels will prompt the eye gate to LOOK onto the harvest and see the fields.

John 4:35b behold, I say unto you, “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”

I knew the Spirit was speaking to me with this one: “The harvest is plentiful the workers are few.”

The Almighty One is sending Help to get the work done! The Lord spoke to me and said, “LOOK and SEE; LISTEN and DO! I have begun to ignite the hearts of men for revival.” “Get ready,” said the Lord, “I Am making a way for the harvest. Prepare for the Harvest.”

Then I saw the shafts of wheat again and realized something about wheat. If it’s not harvested when its ready, the season can abruptly change and it could  fall to the ground (if a storm comes) and may not recover. I saw this angel standing in the fields, assigned to protect the crop.

The  fourth angel was “Mighty”. He had a huge horn in his hand. This angel was sent to Proclaim to the Nations the Glory of God (Tangible Presence).

Pouring out of the bowel of his horn were words “The Good News of Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Healings, Deliverances and GREAT HOPE”. This Angel was called Michael (not to be confused with the great Archangel).

Luke 2:15 When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”

I heard the Lord say to me, “GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! I am bringing good news to my people and to those who are afar off. Get ready for a new sound of Joy!”

The fifth angel was almost transparent, beautiful yet very powerful. It’s armor was made of very fine material that could cut through anything .

This angel is assigned to make ways of “Escape” from death, battles, and imprisonments. This angel knows the ways of the King; he is from the Throne Room. He is assigned to direct people into the inner courts of those in high offices and expand territories for the “Presence of the King”.

Acts 12:7 Suddenly, there was a bright light in the cell, and an angel of the Lord stood before Peter. The angel struck him on the side to awaken him and said, “Quick! Get up!” And the chains fell off his wrists.

I then heard this from the Lord: “I will have me a People! I will send help! I will provide. I will give supernatural strategies! I will open the flood gates of heavens and pour out blessings from above and from the below.” “I have sent help,” says the Lord.

Then I heard this very clearly: “Pray in the Holy Spirit. Build UP YOUR faith.” (Jude)

As I watched these angels come into the below, I knew a change was taking place. GREAT CHANGE has taken place! Then I  was reminded of two Scriptures that have prompted me to realize we must be ready.

Peter realized a supernatural act had taken place.

Acts 12:11 Peter finally came to his senses. “It’s really true!” he said. “The Lord has sent his angel and saved me from Herod and from what the Jewish leaders had planned to do to me!”

Genesis 28:12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.

Let us Pray:

O Lord Keep my way pure. O Lord do not let ANYTHING pass by me. I accept your help; I am trusting your Spirit to help me do what I must be willing to do. O God, YOU have set me ablaze with new vision and renewed purpose. Help my faith when I have none. Grant wisdom to grow and be one used of you. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.

The Four Fierce Angels

4 Jul

Following are two prophetic words given by Annie Schisler: the first in 1989, before the Berlin wall came down, and the second in 2001.

It was during a conference in Holland in 1989 that I was alone and in the presence of God. Again, He carried me away to this special place that he has preserved for me and in which He sustains me when He wants to show me things that are terrible to behold. Once I was put in this special shelter, Jesus began to show me natural and spiritual changes that would happen in Europe and in the Middle East. He revealed to me how the geopolitical map of the European continent would change in a drastic way, particularly with the fall of communism. At the moment it seemed inconceivable that such changes could possibly occur.

Nevertheless in obedience to the Lord, I declared the vision in the conference on July 9th, 1989. Some days later in a Church in England, I again shared the vision, however this time with more details. Within six months the vision I am about to share began to unfold in the natural.

The Four Fierce Angels

As I sat and worshipped my living Lord, He came and once again took me away into His place of revelation. As He comforted me and covered me, I looked and beheld four incredible beings. They were sent to stand on the four corners of the European Continent. These beings were huge and impressive in the magnitude of their power and authority.

As they stood just above the continent, these evil, angelic beings began to show a reigning and dominate nature. Their appearance was fierce. They were given the power to shake everything. Soon it would be time for these forces to take action.

They would first operate and dominate in Europe then extend their influence to the rest of the world gaining their control little by little eventually surrounding and controlling everything. The importance of what would happen remained marked in my heart, since it will prove to be vital and crucial to the entire human race.

These huge, fierce, reigning angels of fearsome power were sent to change the development of the future, beginning now. They will shake every order both spiritual and political, known up to this point in time. Jesus gave me understanding that it was now time for the previous spiritual rulers to be replaced by these dominant powers of darkness. They were now staged to bring upon the earth a more subtle and powerful darkness than the earth has ever known.

In this vision I saw how the spirit of communism was devoured and substituted by these new forces. This new government would facilitate new and greater wars and much bloodshed as in past centuries. These four new powers of darkness now reigning over Europe would affect the whole world even more than the World War II. God is letting this occur to pave the way for the great and final king of darkness.

The Government of these Forces

The spiritual government being exercised through these dark forces was connected to the government of men. The political world and the government of men are intricately interrelated. I could see that it is like a spider web. When the web is touched it sends pulsating movement throughout the whole web. In this same way these forces will use their power to shake and change everything. In a pulsating fashion touching this system until their purpose has been realized. As a result, the activity of the whole world would enter into to a time of great transition and alterations. This would be particularly realized in the control of the individual and in the control of the economy.

Jesus showed me that at the beginning these powers, through present political movements had a benign and beneficial appearance. It would begin to look as though this new way was bringing great solutions and answers that people applauded. Then I saw a new alliances begin to form by human alliance. However, this bond was only a disguise to hide the implementation of an evil work that would come to light in a short time.

Power of the Middle East

The vision continued to develop and the Lord showed me that in addition to Europe, the Middle East was also released to new and higher powers of darkness. These powers would work great destruction, and by means of war, attempt to impose their control upon all other nations. The spirit of violence accompanying these global powers was so tremendous that they brought commotion and changes in the whole world especially the United States.

Such things as I saw this time though from the shelter of His love and the safety of His protection, made a deep impact upon me.

World leaders will be weakened bringing unimaginable shock and chaos. Due to the influences of the reigning powers leaders will make a lot of mistakes, many wrong decisions that would contribute to aggravating their problems even more.

All these things put together dramatically affected the United States in connection to its power and influence in the world. The reign of these spirits also entered the material sphere; gaining control in the economic world and provoked a progressive and severe financial collapse. As the vision progressed, I saw that the United States was about to be involved in another war, which would further weaken its political and economic arenas.

The European Bloc

The European Continent will be strengthened and united to other powers. World alliances will be formed creating a great economic, political and commercial bloc – globalizing everything. This will bring about a matrix of enormous world influence preparing the way for the coming anti-Christ.

As these powers unite and take control, everything will seem to unify and function remarkably well in the natural world – for a time. Then I saw the strength of individual governments being shaken. There will be a state of international insecurity further weakening the world financial institutions, leaving them without backing or reliability.

Devastating uncertainty will abound further incited by a great evil force called “spirit of fright and horror.” This cloud of evil will further weaken humanity preparing them for the coming anti-Christ.

The Work of the Ruling Spirits

I looked and saw a great cloak of darkness that hid tremendous evil. This controlling force enslaved and oppressed society. People who were under its control would lose all traces of goodness, purity, honesty, and morality, becoming inwardly empty. It reminded me of a trunk of a tree that had been devoured on the inside by termites leaving only a hollow shell of bark when the feast was finished. This state of emptiness brought on by their rejection of God, caused these people to become propitious toward the mandates of the evil one. Entire generations will live in this condition of internal emptiness, contamination and evil – totally impervious to God.

As I watched this time of evil unfold Jesus spoke to me saying: “This is a time of definition for the sons of God, as well as for all mankind.”

The Reigning Spirit, “Control”

This reigning force called “Control” is unimaginably powerful. As I watched it maneuver in the midst of great human need, I saw that his treacherous ways were subtle and barely discernible; but to those who were locked in the cloud of increasing darkness and fear, he seemed as an angel of light. He seemed to offer solutions in the midst of impending doom.

However, his solutions were nothing less than a predetermined path leading to the ultimate prison.

As I continued to watch this horror unfold before me, I could see, not only the actions of this ruling spirit, but also his covert intentions. What initially seemed like benevolent solutions would in the end become a means of obtaining his goal of complete tyranny over mankind. His ruthless kingdom built on the foundation of hate and greed will become apparent only when he has a sure confidence that his throne is well secured among unsuspecting men. He will gradually bring the world into his new system, creating laws that will justify his global control. By this means he will acquire complete dominance over all men, preparing the way for the emergence of the anti-Christ and his new world order.

The Purpose of the Visions

These visions with their great insight into the uncertain future were given by our benevolent Father to encourage us. It is out of His abundant mercy that He is drawing His own ones to His side, that He might spare us from the intentions of the evil one.

The Father mercifully dispenses judgments to separate all who belong to Him from all that do not. Those who desire Him will be greatly touched and influenced by His justice, and will be preserved and kept for Christ Himself. Out of the love flowing from a pure heart His precious ones will run to His side, and be hidden under the shadow of His wings. There in this secret place He will reveal His tender love, care and supernatural provision for all who love Him.

He comforted me as He spoke: “My sons — those who will come to Me, will increase their dependence upon Me and their knowledge of My person. They will no longer depend upon their own resources and thoughts. For I have prepared for them a supernatural revival.”

Further, Jesus gave me understanding regarding the proclamation of the visions saying: “The prophetic word must be declared first in the spiritual realm, as that is where all things originate before they are reflected upon earth. Then it must be declared in the temporal to precipitate its fulfillment.”

Present Day Europe

Transparent Place of Security

In the year 2001 I was unexpectedly called to Holland and England once again. Once we arrived we were met with incredible circumstances that necessitated cancelling all the plans that were made for us to journey and speak. We simply stayed in various cities and hotels and did nothing but pray. This imperative situation pushed me into the Lord’s presence to hear His will and obey regardless of my understanding. I was concerned about our sons and friends in Uruguay but, I knew we could not yet return, so we contacted our intercessors and immediate fervent prayer began to ascend to the throne on our behalf.

During this time of intense seeking of the Lord’s face, Jesus came and once again took me away into Himself. As I entered this place with Him He began to overwhelm my whole being with His liquid light. This washing of His wonderful light caused me to become submerged in Him and in His love in an intense and tender way. I was impregnated by His presence, removing all fear. This prepared me for what I was about to see.

I was then placed in a sort of armour plated, transparent, crystal box. I could see this place was strong and well fortified. He carefully placed me there to protect me, preventing me from being affected by all that I was about to be shown. I felt a great security. I was there with Him, and in this covered place I knew nothing could harm me. After a moment I realized that this transparent covering was really composed of the precious blood of Jesus. It was His blood that made this hiding place impenetrable. For this reason no evil spirit, nor power of darkness could in any way violate me.

The Lord then told me that what I would see would be of great importance both for me, and the world in which I live. Further, He stated that this time in history is of enormous significance. As His words entered into me, my spiritual senses were much awakened and entered into an acute state of alert.

Spirit of “Hatred of God”

I saw the most powerful empire among the nations of the earth shaken. I instantly knew it was the United States. I could almost feel the affects of what was about to happen. Jesus was anticipating me.

Jesus continued His instruction. As the vision carried on, I saw a satanic spirit of great power and blasphemous hatred for God Himself released upon the earth. It was horrifying to see this infectious spirit spread its evil nature over the nations like a contagious disease. The power of every country it affected was weakened underneath its influence. His dominion resulted in disaster, disorder and great confusion.

The outstanding features of this terrible force were the violent and blasphemous words it released against God. His expressions were the result of his own vile hatred and fury against God. Men who submitted themselves to him became mere replicas of his own nature.

Its operations were indicative of his inner motivations. He was a cruel devourer, like a wild beast seeking his prey. He was characterized by a cruel and irrational instinct, void of any mercy toward its prey.

Spirit of “World Control”

This spirit was a force of uncontrollable power. It seemed to be Satan himself, controlling everything with great haughtiness. His actions had an incredible debilitating affect on nations and on men. Like dominos falling one after another, men and nations would be further shaken in their human securities, making them evermore prone to his evil entrapments.

It was most enlightening to see how these spirits could operate due to the evil conditions found in men’s heart. Due to all that had preceded the working of this evil force, being so long fed by pride and rebellion, these men were totally closed to the influence of the Spirit of God. They had no fear of God and now were completely uninhibited and defiant in their behaviour.

These spirits were fed by their human counterparts and would increasingly be enlarged in their dominion, hardening people with sin and endeavouring to keep them insensible to their opportunities of life in God.

Herein is the double workings of God: on the one hand He allowed these forces to arise in great shakings and judgment on the ungodly, and on the other hand He purposed with great yearning to arouse the sleeping and lukewarm in His Church to a conviction of their great need for Himself. All this temporal devastation was actually designed as tools in His capable hands to correct and purify His own ones and bring them to His loving side.

Beginning of the Middle East War

The visions concerning this theme came one after another. From His place of peace and protection I could see war starting in the Middle East, spreading through Europe and reaching America. The spirit of “Hatred for God” inspired this war that was brooding in the Middle East. It manifested as a blasphemous, violent and uncontrollable fanaticism.

I saw this spirit as a whirlwind in the desert, shaping into a nest wherein these ruling spirits of darkness dwelt. Like the winds blowing in increasing intensity they affected many of the Arabic Nations. The countries that were affected were given over to the false and deceiving spirits, and with total defiance and force sought spiritual control as they endeavoured to impose a blasphemous god. Those given over to its power were totally possessed. The venom of its evil was primarily targeted at Israel.

The objective of these spirits is the total annihilation of Israel. Consequently because of the support that America has been to Israel, they long to unleash their destructive power upon America as well. At this very moment, this spirit is stronger and far more deceptive than what men believe or are able to discern. This spirit is never subject to men, but men void of the spirit of God are subject to it.

Indications of These Spirits

The summary of natural signs consistent with the activity of these spirits is as follows:

1. An illogical and irregular behaviour of governments, making great mistakes in crucial moments, causing confusion and chaos.

2. Countries will arise in war with more powerful armaments than they appeared to have. These will bring the destruction of many innocent people.

3. The most powerful country in the world, (USA), will suffer great changes because other countries will take advantage of its conflicts and will work to further weaken it. Because God loves America, it will not be destroyed. However, it will progressively decline in its status of being the first world power.

4. There will be great famine in several parts of the earth and multiplied thousands will perish from terrible disease. Though these cycles have scourged the earth in the past, there will be distinctive signs of the end-time plagues. These events will develop quickly, unavoidably and without control.

5. Natural disasters will affect the climate and will alter water levels, changing even the physical characteristics of the countries and bringing very detrimental effects to many of them.

6. All this world chaos will be the favourable environment for the enemy and his forces to facilitate their purposes. Great poverty, injustice, insecurity and criminality will be seen all over the world, paving the way for the anti-Christ.

7. After some time another President will arise in the USA who will be extremely hostile towards the Gospel, and will claim that Christianity and the US policy of defending Israel, are the cause of America*s current crises.

8. For a short time during this international crises Russia will stand with America. Then it will betray America provoking something even more serious for the United States with a view to an even greater conflict.

9. Argentina will be utterly devastated in all areas, including the economic, political, social and moral realms. Internal conflicts will increase causing great destruction. Argentina will be a laboratory of sorts to test expected results for other countries.

10. In relation to the economic order: in many countries the banks will run out of funds and will be left without effective backing ruining the current system. Therefore, the government will take control of everything, further restricting personal freedom and producing great fear and despair.

11. Europe will become the place of shelter for the anti-Christ. From there he will become manifest to the world in his proper time.

12. Countries planning to escape this unification will not survive. They will be forced to submit. Weapons of political and economic control will be used to force countries under this global control.

13. Implementation of a world court with increased powers and with authority to control all things will be increasingly stressed.

14. The operations of these reigning spirits that are assigned to bring about this one world government will seem to be soft on the outside. However, they will actually be very fearsome and powerful.

15. These high-ranking spirits will operate influencing and controlling heads of state, overcoming language, racial and cultural differences. I saw spirits enter these dignitaries. Although the bodies, personalities, and cultures of the dignitaries were different the operations of the spirits were the same and the many bodies they inhabited operated as though they were one man yielding all control to the evil spirit. These spirits will work through pacts and alliances and will gain widespread control.

16. Israel’s hidden power deployment designed to destroy their enemies will be seen in this upcoming war. These weapons are of such a nature as to have been unknown to mankind before. Bombs of great magnitude, capable of causing much destruction will be used. These events are only a link of the chain of events belonging to a sequence of predetermined incidents leading to the world dominion of the anti-Christ. Latin American countries will also be affected by these events. The whole world will only react as these things explode upon it, as though awakened to a living nightmare of which they have become apart.

A Call for Alert to His People

Jesus told me that His Spirit has released a call of alert for the Church to redeem the time as never before. The more I realize how fragile this world is, the more I am drawn to rest in Jesus, in His eternal Word and His supernatural resources for our present age.

A Place of Shelter

In these visions I was shown by Jesus that He is preparing a unique place of shelter for this hour for those who are committed to the person of Jesus Christ and walk closely to Him. His sanctified ones will be kept in this place of shelter and protected from all the storms and judgments that will come over the rest of humanity.

This will be a time when His beloved Church will be awakened, purified and prepared, being separated from all contamination, filth and delivered from all bondage. Just as the powers of darkness will increase in power so will the sons of light greatly increase in all that is God.

To His Beloved Ones

Simultaneous to all the afore mentioned events Jesus has prepared a great spiritual revival of life and light for this hour. This awakening will transform multitudes of lives in whom the reality and knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ will become most apparent. Although the future of the forces of darkness and their purposes in the earth seem so terrible, the Lord will use it to awaken people from the destruction of indifference, religiosity, and spiritual death.

I saw that His precious ones will be covered in the same armour plated cubical I was protected in while watching the visions unfold. The precious blood of Christ will cover and protect them from all evil. How wonderful His provision for His beloved will be. Neither the impure people nor the any force of darkness could penetrate the impregnable wall of His blood. Nevertheless only those who allow the deep work of the Holy Spirit in their lives will be preserved.

As I continued to watch the unfolding vision I saw that not only were His hidden ones loving protected and cared for by Christ Himself, but they will also be witnesses and participants of the fulfilment of His word and His will upon the earth.

Tank of Mercy

It was wonderful to enter into a place of infinite abundance now being accumulated for the purpose of soon being poured forth!

I saw the magnitude of the provision of His divine mercy. It had the appearance of a water tank the size of an entire city, but its provision was for only one person. It was an overflowing resource. Each of His own ones will be so endowed with this abundance in provision.

I was given to see things from the very inside of the person of Jesus. Things looked very different. The life that was in great activity in that place was ready to pour forth upon and imbue His people. By this great measure of God, which is only a small part of His person, will His own ones be awakened and strengthened in Himself.

I both saw and experienced this living and eternal measure of Himself. I was wonderfully amazed. What a sense of security it produced in me. How can I describe it? Christ’s control was absolute. It is light of very God, which cannot be enclosed or shut up. This new outpouring of His amazing life will greatly affect the world bringing about a great harvest.

Place of Appealing Capacities

What a tender and appealing welcome He gave me as I once again entered His presence. I will never understand why He loves me so. But, what a comfort it is when I hear Him tell of His great love for me again and again. This love has consistency and substance, covering and overwhelming my entire person.

As I came into His presence He took me to a place and asked me to look. As I beheld this place, I could see that it was “a place of appealing capacities.” I saw a vast amount of light, which had different functions and capacities. The Father would use these capacities in His surrendered ones to let them also be used to affect the spiritual world of people, cities, and nations.

These capacities came as an avalanche of or flood of life. The main component was His power. When mingled with His fire, it all came together to create a mighty river of God Himself.

I saw how the surrendered ones were drawn to Jesus like a magnet. I marvelled as I contemplated this.

The Effects of Appealing Capacities

While my spirit was absorbed in His wonderful presence, Jesus showed me again that “place of appealing capacities.” He allowed me to see my own being, very vulnerable and fragile. I saw Him infusing me with His strength. I knew that this impartation would accompany and support me at all times. What an amazing contrast between what I felt in myself, and what He imparted to me. This impartation of His very self filled my being and offset my weakness and fear.

The Place of His Shared Being

Through a new encounter of my spirit with Jesus, I entered a place I had never been before. It was very special and high as it was an exclusively separated place for someone very special and loved.

Upon entering, He let me know this place was for the beloved. The beauty was overwhelming and great peace and security emanated everywhere. The incomparable holiness of Christ Himself could be felt. It was place without a single spot of contamination, purer than the purest crystal and impossible to be described with words. There was a complete absence of sin.

I could ascertain that not only Jesus was in that high place. But also the Father and the Holy Spirit were there in perfect harmony and unity! How can the holiness of that place ever be described? No adequate words can be found. That translucent purity was the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that permanently flowed together in perfect and high love and unity. This infinitely high and sublime place was captivating and attractive beyond all description.

Afterwards I saw how Jesus Himself was that place. It was actually inside His own being. Then I was able to comprehend that the Father and the Holy Spirit were actually sharing the place that had been prepared for His beloved.

That place had been set aside for those who were completely surrendered to Him, the beloved who had absorbed Him as a sponge absorbs water. Just like the sponge has nothing in itself, it is empty in itself, but with great absorbing capacity, the beloved that enter into that place can draw into themselves the essence of the Trinity while being contained in the Trinity.

What a precious reward for those lives that walked the way of surrender! Being attracted by such pure and high love held in the Trinity and prepared for His beloved, is the most precious reward that can ever be imagined.

I then saw how His beloved changed from being like sponges into becoming liquid itself. They had undergone a metamorphosis so Christ Himself, being wholly integrated into His nature, could absorb them. They experienced this transformation for they had given themselves in love to Him.

I could identify with them as I understood that they were lives just like mine, because He had also made me part of that liquid. He rejoiced, and how greatly He expressed His joy that their surrender had prepared them for Himself only. It was a very beautiful condition with His beloved that had been prepared and was awaiting Him. Having a body to share that beautiful something with produced in Him deep satisfaction, and fulfilment in the things done by Him. My whole being was moved by this part of Himself, and I was totally imbued with Him.

For instance he transported me out of this place and I saw extremely high walls without doors or windows. When He took me closer, I saw that the walls were huge beautiful angels that protected this place so that only those chosen by God were allowed to enter.

I saw how the lives that had been absorbed in Jesus’ inner world had received the capacity of going out filled by the power that emanated from Himself to accomplish His will.

It is glorious to mature and increasingly develop in the understanding of the things God was revealing. All things He showed me were brought to pass in an operation of permanent life, and nothing was wasted. I could see how the people that sincerely allowed and received this operation of the life of Jesus in their hearts came into a place where God revealed ever-increasing understanding of Himself and His kingdom.

From inside of Jesus’ person, all things look so different. This life was prepared to imbue His people with the very essence of Himself. Hearts will be awakened and strengthened in God Himself. I could not help being amazed by all this. I felt such assurance as I dwelt there. His control was absolute.

It is the very light of God that cannot remain confined, but that will extend out from itself, bringing about a great end-time harvest.