Global unshakable foundations

27 Jul

A vision by Justin Abraham, January 2012

I was praying and I was suddenly taken into a vision. I found myself standing in the Whitehouse looking at the President. He was a white man with dark hair. I knew this was the future.

I could see around the United States that there were numerous disasters occurring simultaneously. The Government was stretched beyond its capacity to deal with these situations effectively. There was substantial damage to buildings and also many fires. I do not know what caused this, but I was aware there were different events all taking place as the same time in different places. The Government needed help.

A black man in a suit walked into the Office. Instantly I saw great authority and stature on him, more than it seemed even the President had. Peace & strength emanated from the man. The President respected this man greatly and walked up to him and shook his hand. I saw this man was a true Apostle with a massive ability to effect change and help the Government. He had vast resources through interconnected relationships that transcended nations. The President said, “We need your help.”

The vision then quickly panned out before the conversation continued. As I looked I saw the nations were like jelly very unstable and shaking. But tied into the nations was what looked like steel girders. These girders were connected globally weaved throughout the world. I knew it was the global interconnected church. It has become the only unshakable and stable force and was literally holding the nations together. If it was removed the whole thing would collapse. It was a wonder to see. I was amazed at the vision and saw the global scope and scale of what is taking place. The vision ended and I was back in the room in prayer.


The scope of the mandate of the church is going to greatly expand into governmental/ resource management.

True Apostolic authority is coming and it is essential to the future— people of authority and humility.

The church is becoming interconnected transcending national boundaries, stable and secure, connected, strong.

The USA Government will eventually honour the true revealed church & draw on it— it will be essential to do so.

I am encouraged and challenged by what I saw. The only stable thing in the future was that based on the principles of heaven.

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