Workers needed

25 Aug

a dream by Leslie Isbell on April 23, 2010

A messenger came to our church with a call for emergency assistance. (I think the appeal went to all churches in the area.) A catastrophe had occurred and the hospitals couldn’t accommodate all the wounded. Only three from our church answered the call. I was surprised, but thought maybe our numbers had diminished or others had other areas of service God had laid on their hearts or the call was too last-minute to respond.

The airport was cleared out (looked more like an empty arena with no chairs) and doctors and support staffs were setting up gurneys and mobile equipment to accommodate the incoming. There was lots of open space with gurney operating tables all around the borders. There was some medical personnel around most of the tables, but many more were needed. I knew they were frantically preparing for the imminent arrival of the incoming wounded. Not many volunteers, I had the déjà vu sensation of the Reinhard Bonnke film where rescuers didn’t see the need to man the lifeboats.

No direction was given to the volunteers at the airport, so I was moving around the room to see where I may be needed and how to best prepare. I saw other volunteers standing around in little groups, waiting to be told what to do.

Some thoughts that crossed my mind:

• I knew very little about operating tools or procedures, and wondered if I would be more of a hindrance than actual assistance.
• I wished I had watched more hospital, war, or forensic shows so I would be more inured to the carnage I knew I would be facing. I was psyching myself and praying that I could look upon the mangled and truncated bodies with courage and grace and not get sick.
• I thought if nothing else, maybe I could be a useful go-fer or be able to pray with those and trust God to provide comfort and distraction them from their pain. (I didn’t think they had any anesthesia to give them during their operations.)

At the end, I was still uncertain how I would be able to handle the task, when several people called, “Here they come!” and we all looked toward the doors.

Then I woke up about 4:30. I was shaken and thought I would be spending the next couple of hours in prayer, but eventually I fell back asleep and dreamed the whole thing a second time.

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