Peter in the boat

22 Nov

A dream reported by Neville Johnson in his e-mail newsletter, March 28, 2008

I found myself in the dream standing on a beach, the tide was almost full and somehow that seemed significant. The water gently lapped the sandy shoreline and a light colored mist hung over the water a few hundred meters offshore. The atmosphere was crisp yet warm. Suddenly a boat appeared through the mist heading towards me; a man was standing holding a tiller and cheerfully called to me saying “Do you want to come fishing?” I hesitated for a moment, then said, “OK,” pushing the boat out and, at the same time, jumping in. The man’s face emanated a glow that was not of this world, he had a rugged yet refined look; he seemed very focused and determined.

I had the strange feeling that I had been here before, but could not quite put my finger on it. The boat quickly moved out into deep water and stopped; the water was teeming with fish and it almost seemed like the fish wanted to be caught. This man looked at me and said, “My name is Peter.” With that he threw the net out and what seemed like no time at all he was pulling it in again, and the net was teeming with fish. As soon as the fish hit the deck of the boat they turned into people of all ages. I was struggling to get my mind around this unusual phenomenon when Peter said “The final harvest must be reaped but it can only be reaped by those who have crossed the River Jordan.” Suddenly it dawned on me that in my dream I was talking to the Apostle Peter. Before I could speak, Peter continued, “Jesus was involved in two fishing trips while He walked this earth, one at the beginning of His ministry and one towards the end of his ministry” (Luke 5:4-10 and John 21:6-8). Peter continued, “On the first fishing trip the net broke but on the second trip the net held. So it will be in this final harvest, the net will hold. The net broke in the early church and much was lost, but it will not be so in your day. Those who have left the wilderness behind and have crossed over into the Promised Land are those who have one goal and motive which is only to build the Kingdom of God. Jealousy, anger, selfish ambition no longer will hinder them nor spoil the harvest. Pride no longer motivates them and they have come into rest. The final harvest has begun and will increase in intensity until the end. The end is now in sight; the finishing line is in view. What began at Pentecost will finish in your day. The great cloud of witnesses watches with great joy and anticipation for the final consummation. Just as the harvest began with one generation in my day, so it will finish with this present generation in your day. My generation saw the foundations laid, your generation will see the building completed. There will be many in your generation who will overcome all things, even death. Our generation saw tares sown into the harvest field; your generation will see all the tares removed. The harvest wave is upon you; you will accomplish in one generation what hundreds of generations have longed to see. The Feast of Pentecost must give way to the feast of Tabernacles. Your generation will accomplish that which the church could not over the past two thousand years. The glorious shadow that emanated from the early church was just that, a shadow, you will see the fullness of the glory of God in one generation manifested in such a way that nothing will be impossible. The miracles we saw were just a foretaste of what was to come.”

Peter paused, looking at the people in the boat he said, “See how the boat has now grown.” I was amazed the boat was now huge and was accommodating so many people it was impossible to estimate how many people were now in the boat. Peter continued, “The seed of early church martyrs will blossom in your generation. One seed will produce countless multitudes in the harvest of your day. They watch with gratitude to the Lord for allowing them to be a part of what you will experience. This seed will explode into continuing ever increasing harvests until the Lord returns. They have waited to see this day.” Peter looked at me and said, “Tell the Christian leaders of your day, if they seek to profit by this harvest and build their own kingdoms with the harvest, they will be destroyed. This harvest is Holy; this fruit is precious. If you cause any to stumble you will surely be destroyed.” I felt the force and gravity of what Peter had just said. It hit me like a hammer blow and I had to steady myself somewhat in order not to miss anything more Peter had to say. Peter continued, “Purity of heart is required for those who are to be involved in gathering this harvest. It is the Lord’s harvest, not your harvest. He has waited for this with great longing and anticipation.”

Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. (James 5:7)

Finally Peter said, “Don’t be impetuous like I was. Follow the Lord of the Harvest. True sons of God are led by the spirit of God.” I began to feel a holy fear which triggered a determination never to hurt or hinder the harvest, never to use it for my own ends and purposes. Peter looked at me and said, “Great grace will be given to your generation, but great accountability will be required.” With that he was gone and I awoke.

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One Response to “Peter in the boat”

  1. Subee February 27, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    We must be fishermen….when we see people we do not know if that person is going to leave this world with out knowing the Lord. We need to give this gift to them. Then it is their choice.

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