Intra Muros, Within the Walls, My Dream of Heaven

22 Aug

by Rebecca Ruter Springer

This nineteenth centrury classic is Rebecca Springer’s description of heaven as she experienced it. She writes: “The pages of this little volume contain no fancy sketch, written to while away an idle hour; but are the true, though greatly condensed, record of an experience during days when life hung in the balance between Time and Eternity, with the scales dipping decidedly toward the Eternity side.”

Rebecca’s descriptions of life in heaven and her interactions with her loved ones can be a great source of comfort for those who are losing or have lost dear friends in this life.

Originally published as Intra Muros in 1898, it is still available today in English (from Taxus Baccata Books This is the most complete version, the only version which includes Chapter 5, in which Rebecca describes being sent back to earth. Although invisible, and unbeknowns to her husband, Rebecca is able to save his life.

Republished by Harrison House as My Dream of Heaven, the text is only slightly edited, although Chapter 5 is omitted. Beautifully covered as a hardback, its paper and font elegantly designed, this version makes an wonderful gift.

Another version, Within the Gates (published by Christ for the Nations) is abridged, omitting a great deal of dialog, but without improving readability.

Another version, Within Heaven’s Gates (published by Whitaker House) is the most readable version. However, it omits chapters 4-6 appearing in the original and, curiously, all references to days, weeks, and months.

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