I Saw the Lord

4 Jul

Visions Given to Annie as told to R. Edward Miller

This is an amazing book describing the daily encounters Annie had with the Lord in the early 1970’s. Many of the revelations are in allegorical form, but Annie relates them just as she experienced them. As a brand new Christian, she had not yet read the Bible and had no mental grid for understanding much of what she saw.

There is a natural progression of the visions from revelations about the nature of God to important revelations concerning the preparation of the church, the end-time harvest and the return of Christ.

I first read these accounts soon after I became a Christian in the early 70’s, but recently felt moved upon by the Lord to reread them. They are an absolute must read for anyone serious about preparing for the tumultuous events of the last days.

The book, formerly published in 4 volumes, is now available in one 421 page book at http://www.thequickenedword.com/annie.htm.

Read some of Annie’s more recent revelations at http://mcfinsights.wordpress.com/2008/07/04/the-wave-of-pure-light/.

You can learn more about Annie by visiting her web site at http://www.facetofaceministry.org.


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