God is going to pour out His glory in this place.

25 Jun

from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj at Christ the King Church on 8/18/2007

As I was waiting upon God this afternoon, an angel of the Lord appeared before me, and this is the word the angel of God told me. He said: “God is going to pour out his glory in this place. The time for God to favor you has come.”

. . . This is what the angel of the Lord that came to visit me this afternoon told me about this church: you lack prayer. You are desiring for a move of God in your midst. . . . But one thing you lack. You are not a praying church. You are not seeking God. If you bend your knees and you learn to fast and pray, and press through, greater will you see the glory of God in your midst, which is not too far away from now. Not too far. God’s time to favor you has come. It won’t be too far. The time has come for all that you have done unto the Lord God. You have blessed the nations, you have blessed the poor. Now God’s time has come to favor you.

. . . When God’s perfect storm comes, you are no longer going to be a weakling. Everyone in this church is going to be a signs-and-wonder person. . . When the early and the latter rains come, all the children and all the young people I see in this church are going to become the Peter’s, the Paul’s, the Elijah’s. So get ready!

. . . My brothers and sisters, this is the word of the Lord that I bring to you today. God is going to pour out his glory upon this place, and the time for God to favor you has come. This thing you must do while you wait for the time to come: you must be a praying church. This is your great lack. This church must become a praying church. You must hunger and thirst after righteousness. Take hold of the horn of God, pressing through until a breakthrough comes. And secondly, patiently wait for Him.

. . . In the early church, every one of the believers were of one heart, one mind, one accord. Put away all your different agendas and come seeking God with one heart, one mind, one agenda. As I am speaking these words I see an angel standing beside me, and he has a huge pitcher in his hand with water. And this is what he’s conveying to me: on the day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the priests will stand on the steps of the temple and pour forth waters from the cauldrons, and the waters will flow down the steps to the people. And the Lord Jesus, watching this scene, cried with a loud voice saying, “If any man thirsts, let him come to me and I will give him living waters and he shall not thirst again, and out of the innermost of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters.” And the Apostle John writes saying, “This He spoke of the Holy Spirit.” And the angel standing here with the pitcher full of water signifies to me that he has been sent to pour out this water upon this church. Ezekiel 44:1-2 says God will pour out this water on the dry and thirsty land. The time for God’s favor has come and He has sent His angels ready to pour out his water. The question now is: are you thirsty? Are you thirsty? Are you willing to drink of this water?

The Holy Spirit shows me there are some of you who belong to this church who have differences of thoughts, differences of opinions inside your mind concerning the workings of God. Even while you heard me preach this word, there were doubts in your mind that crossed your heart concerning whether these things can really happen in these days, or what if not. You have a divided heart. . . . “He who is thirsty,” the Lord Jesus says, “Let him come and drink freely.” Put away your doubts. Put away suspicions. The Lord Jesus said, “Except a man humbles himself as a little child, he shall not see the kingdom of heaven, nor enter into it.” The things that God has reserved for these end times can only be understood and comprehended by those who are willing to humble themselves as little children, those who are willing to believe God as a little child would believe, with all simplicity of heart and mind, anything that is told to them.

The Lord Jesus is showing me that you are still lacking in faith to believe God for greater things. Your mind knows this can be done and that you would like this, but your heart is far from believing it. Faith is lacking. If you can put away your doubts, put away your unbelief and come together as a corporate church, constantly fasting and praying and seeking God as if your whole life depends on it, if you can do that, the Lord Jesus Christ, who’s standing in your midst right now towards my right side, tells me to tell you: surely He will cause this place to be an oasis for many to come and drink of the water and be satisfied with the water. And there’ll be green pastures in this area for many to come from many places, even from far away, willing to travel an hour and two to come to this place because they will say the grass is very green. The grass is very healthy. It makes you fat in the spirit, makes you strong. For they shall all see the glory of the Lord like a strong pillar of cloud, like a stormy cloud hovering above you. Like a twister that will hover and all can see from afar. Such will be the manifestation of the glory in this place if you can only believe. Are you willing to put away all unbelief and are you willing to believe?

. . . There shall no one be feeble among you, for you shall all be strong and do great exploits for the Lord your God. Thank you, wonderful Jesus! God’s glory will literally rest in this place like a cloud and your naked eyes shall see it and all who come shall see it when the time for God’s favor comes upon you when He pours out the former rain and the latter rain, every one of you will experience it, a torrential downpour upon each individual life. Thank you, wonderful Jesus! And your young and your children will experience the glory of God in a powerful manner, a powerful manner! These who are pure and simple will be the carriers and not just spectators, but participators in the glories of God, seeing open heavens, walking through an open heaven and doing the works of God. Thank you, wonderful Jesus!

from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj at Christ the King Church on 8/19/2007

. . . and God said He is going to pour out His glory in this place. The time for him to favor you has come. Whatever has been your history. . . . How much you have labored for the Lord, how much you have cried before the Lord, how much you have suffered for the Lord, how much you have felt that all your labors were either wasted or minimal. . . whatever has been your cry. I want to tell you tonight that your 28 years of labor have reached the throne of God. And at such an appointed time He sent me to your church and sent an angel to signify this word: “I will pour out my glory in this place, and my time to favor them has come.”

Has come! In this place! That is why I told you to pay careful attention to verse 2 Chronicles 7:12: “I have chosen this place for Myself, a house of sacrifice.” See that is the key, the place that God chooses to establish his name, to make it a habitation of His glory, must chiefly be a house of prayer. That is the foundation. You take away that foundation, the house collapses.

. . . The key catalyst that is needed is oneness of heart and mind among the whole congregation. Not one person or two persons agreeing, the whole congregation, everyone who is named in this church. . . must come into oneness of agreement, one heart, one mind, one soul. You must agree in oneness. Our hearts must become one. . . . The key secret for revival to break out in the early church is because of oneness. . . . That is why souls could be added to the church everyday. God could trust them. . . . Everyone in this church, this three churches that make up this one church, must resolutely agree that this thing is of the Lord alone. You must come into an agreement. . . . It is not enough for . . . a few of the people in this congregation to say, “OK pastor, we are one with you.” There must be one hundred percent agreement.

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